5 Types Of Plastic Cosmetic Surgery

By: Frank K Muller | Posted: 23rd November 2011

Cosmetic surgery processes are getting more common, and there are many from which to choose. These could be classified into body improvements, breast improvements, face improvements, weight reduction help and combinations.

With all the variety of available choices when it comes to plastic cosmetic surgery, there is no surprise that interest in these kinds of procedures have spiked. There are several types of cosmetic treatments that are offered and these could be classified as follows:

Human body enhancements

The focus of a majority of plastic surgery treatments are body enhancements, and this is true with programs like the San Diego Mommy Makeover that is an all around complete body makeover for new mothers who want to recover their pre-pregnancy body shapes. Well known plastic cosmetic surgery treatments that are done to boost the body include tummy tucks, liposuction and surgery on other parts of the body like the arms, thighs and also buttocks. Liposuction treatment is the method of extracting undesirable extra body fat from parts of the body such as the thighs, buttocks and also fleshy upper arms. For individuals wishing to target unwanted body fat around the stomach region, tummy tucks are much more efficient and effective than liposuction treatment.

Breast improvements

Probably one of the most well known reasons girls choose to go under the knife will be to enhance their breasts. The two key breast surgical treatments are breast implant surgery and breast reduction. In the former, silicone cups or enhancements are surgically put to improve the shape, size and profile of a woman's breasts. The latter involves surgery to lessen the size of a woman's breast and this is carried out for a number of different reasons.

Facial improvements

Face lifts, nose jobs, and double eye lid surgery are probably the well known methods that folks do on their face. One common misconception about face lifts is that the surgical procedure is only for older girls. The truth is that developments have transformed and individuals in their mid and early thirties are opting for to obtain facelifts. Usually younger women choose liquid lifts and less obtrusive lifts while older women typically choose a full face lift or a deep plane facelift. These are generally associated with forehead and neck lifts to have a young and also rejuvenated appearance.

Weight-loss help

There's been an increase in obesity degrees, and while some people choose to go on a nutritious diet and intensive physical exercise, this has also resulted in a rise in plastic surgery for removing extra fat. Also referred to as post-bariatic procedures, people who need to tighten, tone and shape their natural curves might want to use one or more of these types of methods. Among the most typical examples are thigh lifts, buttock lifts and arm lifts. Most people decide to undertake a blend of these and the options depend on the desired contour and bodyshape.


They claim that cosmetic surgery is a bottomless procedure and most people return for more. For example, the mommy makeover is a well known process combining the latest in technology. New moms can choose to undergo a breast lift coupled with a tummy tuck, each of which will help them regain their pre-pregnancy curves and turn them into the yummy mummy they've always dreamed of being.

One important tip to remember before going under the knife is to weigh the pros and cons of each procedure and seek reputable medical examinations before opting for a particular procedure in order to avoid complications.

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