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By: WarrenBurns | Posted: 16th November 2011

'How can I save money on my mobile phone bill?' is a question that I have been asked on many occasions. In fact in was just today that my best friend asked me the same question. There are a lot of other methods and means to economize on your mobile phone contracts and going the Sim only contracts route is probably the most popular and easiest to change to.

'What's the easiest way to save money on my mobile phone bill' is a question that I have been asked on numerous occasions. In fact in was just yesterday that a good friend of mine asked me the same thing. He is in between various jobs currently so cash flow is fairly restricted and he is spending around ?40 monthly on his plan. Now, what is surprising to me is that his 24 month mobile phone contract ended 4 months ago and he still hasn't got round to changing his plan, phone or network! Let me stop anyone reading this and say, if your contract has finished, start seeking new deals NOW! What may have been an excellent deal 3 years ago will be an average or valueless offer currently and you should be saving more money than you are.

I told my friend I was on a ?10 a month plan he was stunned. I then went on to answer that I was obtaining 1GB of data and unlimited sms messages for that price and all of a sudden he felt inspired to find out more about what he could do to cut down his own expenses.

Keep or Switch

The issue for a lot of customers is determining whether to go for a new mobile or keep their existing one. It's so easy to be sold on by the latest and greatest phone like blackberry or htc and I am guilty of doing that myself. The tendency is that your mobile has done its time and you need a new one but you may also be happy with what you have. In this situation you can look to reduce your monthly costs by adopting a sim only tariff or even renegotiating your contract with your current provider.

Is it cheaper to buy the phone outright?

In a situation where you are in need of a new mobile phone, you need to really search for the best mobile contract option. In these times they are commonly pricey contracts that last up to 24 months, where you get the latest phone for free but at a premium cost in terms of the monthly package. This is a great option for some consumers as at the end of the day you are getting an otherwise pricey mobile phone for nothing, right away. It is important though to make a calculation of whether it is cheaper to get the mobile sim free and then purchase a sim contract or pay as you go deal. The downside of this is the primary price tag for the phone however; it does also give you more flexibility. You can sell your phone if you need to, you can switch your SIM deal or network sooner due to the relatively short terms and you can also use any SIM card in it so it's ready to be used on holiday too.

Calculate how much your need

A question that i asked my mate was "How much talktime and texts do you send and how much data do you use?"?" This should be a major consideration before buying a new contract. Analyzing your past statements is a great way to observe what you consume and what your needs are. This will give you a much clearer idea of the ideal monthly tariff for your requirements and whether you can get a lower price plan or if you need a bigger package.

Going down the sim only route is probably the most popular at the moment however it is not the only way to save money on your bills. it does however provided an element of flexibility and doesn't involve changing your usage habits too much so you can be confident with what you have providing you have selected the right plan.

Compare Sim only contracts
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