Explore the new hype of puzzles with photo and texts of your choice.

By: jasmine | Posted: 15th November 2011

Playing puzzles was once the hype of childhood. Probably everyone tasted it at some point of time. But for most it was the childhood fad. Puzzles are a game of its own genre that are unmatched with any other kind of game. Playing puzzles is believed to boost your intelligence level. There are numerous puzzles, which not only serve as entertainment, but they sharpen your mathematical and logical reasoning. Solving puzzles gives the form of some pre design pattern or shape. People who inherit high logical reasoning may solve puzzles faster than others. There are varieties of puzzles to suit everyone’s taste and mood. Some of the famous puzzles are number puzzles, logical puzzles, word puzzles, Meta puzzles and the list is endless for puzzle lovers.

With the changing times, everything has changed in its own way. Most of the games, which we use to play, took the virtual format. Puzzles too come under this bandwagon. Now you can also play puzzles online. This was outgoing from quite a long time but the new buzz in puzzle world is not playing puzzle online but playing puzzle of your own set up things. There are certain well going websites where you get the unmatched option to make your own puzzle. This is something, which is a absolutely new thing in the puzzle gamut. We all played with puzzles back in the time with shapes and formats which came to us in pre designed structures but now the scenario is contradictory, now you make your puzzles from your own desire and solve them accordingly.

We all solved puzzles which came to us in different shapes and structures but never ever played puzzle of our own photos or pictures. In this technological turbulent world everything has taken virtual shape. Now you can make puzzles from photos digitally. Any picture you like of yourself, your friends, pals or even your favorite pet you can make a photo puzzle out of it and solve it as per the requirement. You can also get it in your desired shape or form.

These puzzles, which you make of your selected photos, are all can available if you wish for it. New companies are entering and they are offering wooing things to all those puzzle lovers and to those who want to experience something new something unheard of it. These puzzles of yours can be acquired in different shapes and objects. Puzzles special shapes are available at your request. There are wide variations of shapes. It varies from heart shapes to cars shapes to tree and animals and lots more. It has shapes to suit all moods and ages. It is up to you which one suits your taste and mood best.

This new nexus of puzzle is entirely different from traditional way of puzzle, which we have often played. Those traditional puzzles were confined to some limited pattern. It was mainly puzzles from some pictures and numbers or words. Whatever it was, it was pre designed and the player was can not to design it himself. Someone else designed it and we just played them naturally, but now in this hyper technocrat world you can design your own puzzle. You don’t even need to be technical sharp in this, only a few basic clicks and you are done with your own designed customized puzzle.

Not only you can play a puzzle with your photos, but you can also insert text in it to get that unique quotient. Puzzle with photo and text is the new added flavor, which you are getting. In your selected photos, you can write any favorite line of yours to make it a more interesting and memorable gift for you or your friends.

Online puzzles have taken new dimensions with all these facilities. If you’ve still not tried out this unique concept, it is high time to explore this new fad.
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