Could You Use An IP PBX Phone System For Your Company

By: GregBlack | Posted: 14th November 2011

What Exactly is NextUC PBX Phone System?

NextUC provides multi tenant voice, conferencing, mobility, collaboration enterprise-class and messaging functions from just one unified client named Microsoft Lync. Some of the services provided include, Video, Audio and Web Conferencing, IP telephone systems, collaboration, unified messaging, Rich Presence, Mobile integration, Secure Instant Messaging and more.

The PBX telephone system for your business has the ability to employ rich communications functions without having to maintain and deploy software and hardware on the premises. Through this system, there is a group of messaging, voice, collaboration and conferencing resources that are furnished as subscription services. Some of the items the suite includes are Sprint Mobile Integration, Instant Messaging through Lync, Good Messaging Server, ActiveSync or Blackberry Enterprise Server, Spam, Hosted email, virus scanning and more.

Why Select NextUC?

Using NextUC for your organization will result in improved employee productivity and the communications channel will become streamlined producing a collaboration platform. Since this system is hosted, it won't require you to manage, maintain, or buy the server.

With this particular PBX phone solution, you'll have features such as the ability to have your service fired up with just one click, ability to find the best resources, collaborate in real time, set up virtual teams that can work from any device from anyplace, empower mobile workforce, receive an enterprise class Voice Over Internet Protocol telephony solution, and streamline your communications options.

How do the Products and Services Work in NextUC?

With Enterprise Voice in the PBX phone system, one can make calls to cellular and office phones straight from your computer or you can place PC to PC calls. With Enterprise Voice you also can replace or incorporate your existing PBX with a hosted IP PBX alternative. Other services include unified and email messaging using Microsoft Exchange 2010, a secure hosted email system. You likewise have the ability to have your email included with your voice. Presence is another great feature of this system which includes the ability to see your contacts availability statuses and be able to dial or click to chat with them.

An additional well-liked feature of this service is Instant Messaging which gives you the ability to share and collaborate data must faster in real time. This instant messaging enables you to stay connected where you can initiate a chat straight from your smartphone or Outlook. Collaboration gives you the ability to collaborate from your messenger on assignments virtually and be able to centralize document management. With Collaboration you can also utilize Skill Search in order to locate the documents for your projects that are most suitable for you and contact them with click to call or initiate a quick chat.

Where can NextUC Help You?

In the area of enhancing Collaboration in NextUc, you get the opportunity to collaborate on projects in real-time and reach people with Presence information. It will help in improving both performance and productivity when you collaborate from any location and create virtual teams. You can also boost Collaboration by leveraging your resources where you can find available resources and finish projects much faster by using Presence Skills Searches.

Using this PBX phone platform, you also can deploy service promptly by lowering your TCE and obtaining valuable tech support. This product also allows you to empower mobile workers where one can work from any location with a system that's totally integrated. You can also be reached with one number and have no necessity for a virtual private network.

NextUC is a one stop shop for a fully integrated unified communications and business communication solutions that combines ip pbx phone system, presence, IM, audio conferencing providers, video, collaboration and mobility.
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