Justin Bieber Got Massive Post VMA Projects

By: toxicpls | Posted: 18th October 2011

He performed on the VMAs and also took home a Moonman for Best New Artist, thus it seems like Justin Bieber wish to take over the entire world is working. What's going to be his future measures to global domination? In this article, we've compiled all sorts of things we know so far, however given how fast his career has changed in the past calendar year, we're convinced there's a lot more up ahead. Bieber tour dates also have been closely followed by his die hard fans & surely they won't be disappointed. But it doesn't end there.

Bieber isn't just taking his abilities to the small screen. He has already released his part concert movie and part biopic "Never Say Never". The camera follows Justin Bieber over the 10 days leading up to his August, 2010, sold-out show at Madison Square Garden. Video footage of those 10 days of concert events, rehearsals, along with down time with boyhood pals, his mum, as well as his entourage is inter-cut with home movies, classic pics, and interviews expressing a musical natural born player who likes to perform, comes to the attention of an Atlanta agent through YouTube, impresses Usher, plus rockets to worldwide fame right after his 15th birthday. His manager draws attentions to the importance of internet marketing and of Justin's work ethic and personality in making him a star; the camera emphasizes Bieber's look.

It has been a film for his supporters, a movie those who don't know him, and we're going to tell the underdog story of where he began," director Jon Chu told MTV News recently. "Because it's a truly fascinating tale, and it has a lot to do with our type of digital lifestyle today. He was able to do what businesses seek to do now every time they use YouTube they usually don't have any idea what to do with it yet. It's a reasonably great story for our time."

Really, there's a good number of film work for Bieber. Manager Scooter Braun told Teen Vogue that Bieber will join the cast of the forthcoming top-secret Will Smith film, and director Garry Marshall said he'd love to get the star on board for the forthcoming, "New Year's Eve."

It has also been stated that Justin Bieber has signed up for "Expendables 2″, which will be directed by Simon West. Justin would be working along with megastars like Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham etc. Now ain't that quite a handful?


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