Permanent Makeup: Gaining in Popularity

By: KerryLowery | Posted: 14th October 2011

Who has time to spend in front of the mirror applying cosmetics, most often multiple times per day? Not many women have the luxury of doing this, which is why permanent makeup is becoming so popular today. You care about your appearance. You want to look your best. Now wouldn't it be nice to jump out of bed and not have to "put your face on" before you step foot out of the house?

Permanent makeup makes every woman feel and look beautiful...naturally.

Whether you are a teacher, celebrity, own your own business or are a stay-at-home mom, it is only natural that every woman wants to look attractive. Sometimes this inherent trait seems totally unfair; men shower, shave, put on their clothes and they are ready to go. Not so for most women, who have to not only apply their makeup but spend time on their hair as well. What if you could easily lessen this burden?

The process of permanent makeup enhances your natural beauty so that on those days when you really don't want to put on a full face just to go to the supermarket (or any day, for that matter), you can still feel and look beautiful. You may want to enhance your eyes or lips, or both. Imagine if you could just skip the eyeliner, brow pencil and lipstick - and still look great! You can without question.

Many women are so self-conscious about the way they look naturally minus makeup that they simply won't leave the house without it. With the application of permanent makeup, you will not only feel and look beautiful, your self-confidence will be boosted as well. Here's an example: When a friend calls and wants to go shopping or to a movie on the spur of the moment, if you want to're ready to go.

For many women, leaving home "au naturel" is out of the question; it would be just like leaving home without clothes or jewelry. Permanent makeup gives you that polished, feminine look you desire without spending time you do not have in front of a mirror.

Whether you are a woman who enjoys a natural look or who prefers deeper color and a bit more definition, the look you want can be achieved with permanent makeup. Having permanent cosmetics applied lightly allows you to enjoy a fresh, natural look while having the option of applying normal cosmetics when you desire more color or an evening look.

Having permanent makeup applied is a quick and easy process.

You may be interested to know that should you decide to have a procedure done, it typically takes only an hour or two. Most of the time is spent choosing the proper colors for your skin tone, then preparing for the actual implanting of color by measuring and drawing to ensure that the results are exactly what you are looking for.

Having a permanent makeup procedure done is completely safe when you choose an experienced, qualified technician. All needles and needle casings should be sterilized to prevent contamination which could lead to infection. However, this is something you need not worry about as long as you choose a trained technician with a good reputation and high level of experience.

If you are tired of spending more time on your face than you spend on all of the other aspects of putting yourself together, consider permanent makeup.
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