Three Reasons Attribute to Extreme Events That Happen Frequently

By: Emma111 | Posted: 12th October 2011

Recently, the State Council Information Office held a press conference. Director of China Meteorological Administration Mr. Zheng Guoguang introduced relevant information about "opinions on strengthening monitoring and early warning as well as information dissemination work of meteorological disasters" and answered questions that people are interested in. Zheng Guoguang proclaimed that the frequency of extreme weather events in recent years resulted from global warming as well as other factors.

These years, we feel that extreme weather events occur frequently. There are probably three reasons for this phenomenon.

The first reason is global warming. Under the conditions of global warming, the law of atmospheric movement will adjust and change, thus easily causing extreme weather and climate events.

The second reason, the current monitoring capability has been so greatly improved that we can observe extreme climate much easier than in the past. In the past, there were more than 2,400 weather observations in our country. Almost each county had a weather observation. The shortest observation time was 1 hour and the longest observation time was 6 hours. Nowadays, our country has over 34,000 automatic weather observations and the observation time is as short every 5 minutes. Therefore, the time density of observation increases as well as the space density. It is as the same as fishing with a small fishing net. We can observe some extreme events that cannot be observed in the past.

The third reason, the reporting intensity of the news media is greatly increased. So we feel that extreme weather events are many and frequent, as well as serious. Now wherever has extreme weather and climate events, the media will report them to the public and the society at the first time. However, for the communication conditions in the past, we maybe know a few days later.

In summary, the three reasons are: First, climate change is prone to produce extreme events; Second, the observational capabilities is now greatly improved, the time and space observation density increased dramatically and extreme weather and climate events monitoring capability has been greatly enhanced; Third, the ability of the news media to cover these extreme weather events is also greatly improved.

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