Four Features of an Efficient Divorce Lawyer

By: EthanStewart | Posted: 10th October 2011

Although an individual spouse and children law lawyer is bound to have a diverse strategy from the following, there are a very few characteristics that some might come to feel ought to be "standard" across all in buy to be efficient. Each and every of these is outlined under:

There is a commonly-circulated write-up on the 'Net called "Seven Myths About Divorce," attributed to Dr. Orli Peter. I not too long ago corresponded with Dr. Orli, and she confirmed that she wrote the piece 10 years in the past. She was unsure, nonetheless, no matter if the data may utilize to today's males and girls, suggesting that the findings may possibly be outdated.

Let me dispel the 7 Myths about Pennsylvania Divorce:

1. Myth: Home is divided equally. Fact: Pennsylvania is not a community house jurisdiction in which property is generally divided equally concerning divorcing spouses. In Pennsylvania, marital residence may perhaps be divided in any proportions that a judge deems equitable, even if a person partner is awarded all of the marital home (as in Wang v.
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