3 Appealing Methods to Promote Your Hair Salon

By: melissa | Posted: 10th October 2011

Successful advertising campaigns can go quite a distance, specifically for hair salons. If you run a hairsalon and also learn some different advertising methods you may utilize for your enterprise, you could think about the following:

Utilize person to person or customer testimonials

Person to person advertising is free of charge. Pamper your clients and make every experience they've at your salon worth referring to other people. When customers like your services, they'll probably discuss them to their family and friends. Be sure to thank clientele personally or send out thank-you cards if they're able to take an individual new to your beauty shop. To inspire customers to further make recommendations, you can try several marketing techniques. For instance, grant clients special discounts on particular services if they are able to bring 2 people into your shop. You may also start a rewards system where customers make "points" for every person they refer to your own beauty parlor. The points could then be used to pay for hair care items you sell or converted into discounts for some other services.

Market over the Net

The Web is one of the hottest marketing vehicles at present and more and more individuals have access to it. The best thing is that there is more than a single approach to advertise your company through the Online world. Think about putting banner commercials for your salon online related to your line of business. The advertising should be eye-catching and contain all the information clients should find your shop or schedule a consultation. Contact the site owners of sites for the hair items which you use in your salon and inquire if you could post commercials on their web sites. You may be requested to pay a cost for your advertisement placement just like traditional print advertising and marketing. You could also start your personal web site to showcase all the services you are offering. Cooperate with the expert you hire to develop the website in order that it comes out the way you wish it to. The web site needs to be attractive to your customers and provide them with the details they need to avail themselves of your services.

Showcase your services at public facilities or events

Rather than waiting for consumers to find your shop, you can try something more aggressive such as bringing your beauty salon somewhere public. Observe public events such as expositions as well as trade fairs in your town and lease an area or booth. Hang a banner showing your company name, logo, address, contact information and some of the services you supply. You can also hand out fliers and business cards featuring similar details to passersby. Assign one of your beauty experts to remain at the booth and provide services to interested prospects. The services either can be free or cheaper so individuals will be interested enough to test them. Think about providing coupons for special discounts or free services to folks who come to your booth so they may wish to visit your actual shop.

By being creative and responsive to the needs of your customers, you can come up with advertising strategies that will contribute to the success of your salon business.


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