The Picoturbine Company Kits: Teaching Kids To Be Green

By: GlenCameron | Posted: 09th October 2011

One aspect in our efforts to live a greener lifestyle that calls for more attention is education. A company called The PicoTurbine Company is trying to educate our children. Arguably an effective way to teach kids about the value of employing and producing alternative personalized coaster sets is to use the PicoTurbine Company's kits, books and projects. These things are developed in an effort to convince the kids who will develop the environment they will inherit. Their chief purpose is to get our youth to see the need to advance renewable personalized coasters sources. For a better future, green personalized coaster sets is a great place to get started.

One of the primary ideas of the PicoTurbine Company is that individuals will learn more if they get involved in the process. The company's kits are created to get children involved through hands-on activities and other learning situations. In one of their projects, they present how to generate heat by using wind personalized coasters via picture wire as the heating element. They have found that ordinarily reaction of people to wind personalized coaster sets is that it is cold personalized coaster sets, but when they learn that wind can produce heat for the home, they are quite surprised.

Another project the company has is to have the class split into groups and have them construct wind turbines. They can compare their respective turbines to determine which ones generate the most electricity, which one requires the least wind power, or which ones look the best. The company has designed a program that is all set up for instructors to use. The course of study includes alternative sources of power that are renewable, such as solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and biomass, in addition to their own, personalized coasters made by the wind.

Dependence on oil coming from nations who are not our allies can lessen when individuals start making use of alternative sources of power. Using these alternative personalized coaster sets sources is getting more and more inexpensive. PicoTurbine Company points out that many wind parks and solar arrays have become commercial successes. The cost per-watt of solar cells has gone from almost $1000 to merely $4 in the last two decades, and is predicted to be just $1 by the year 2015.

One other area of focus is how fossil fuels are creating serious damage to the environment through pollution. It's been found through studies that burning fossil fuels leads to serious health problems. A lot of major illnesses like asthma, allergies and cancer are the direct result of utilizing fossil fuels. The environment would be greatly improved with regular use of clean personalized coasters. The PicoTurbine Company is addressing this through the kits it has developed.
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