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By: markzissis | Posted: 05th October 2011

Australia is a country with rich flora and fauna and its natural beauty with awe-inspiring landscapes consisting of mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and plateaus is one of the most desired destinations for landscape and outback photography. Well- known landmarks sites like Sydney Harbour Bridge,Uluru (Ayers Rock), Fraser Island, Kakadu National Park, Lake Eyre, the Olgas, Port Campbell, Simpson Desert and Wallaman Falls, Flinders Range National Park.

The Aborigines and Blue Mountains make tourists enjoy and explore the mysteries of natural habitat and wildlife. Different kinds of animals and birds that are not common in any part of the world can be seen here. Australians are acknowledged in different areas of the world because of their artistic and creative film making, operas, photography, music and sound compositions, paintings and architectural designs. With cityscapes, seascapes, wild life, outback landscapes, country living and rain forests, Australia is the dream place for exploring the photographic talent.

Photography Australia association is a non-profit organization dedicated to foster professionalism and excellence in all aspects of photography in Australia and to give professional and amateur photographers a platform to learn and explore in the field of photography. It offers skills & art development programs, presentation & promotion, new works, initiatives programs through grant schemes as well as accreditation and recognition in the field of photography as an important sector of national and international business. Photography Australia association offers services with access to photography competitions, training courses, educational services, marketing, exhibition opportunities, seminars, workshops, mentoring programs, website development, event and exhibition planning and consultation services

The Australian image gallery showcases royalty free stock photos and landscape pictures of Australia, including Sydney photos of Sydney City Skyline, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Coogee and Bondi Beaches. From cityscapes to rainforest scenes, almost every genre masterpieces in the form of photograph are showcased in this gallery. Generally, all the photographic masterpeices in musems and art galleries are framed for directing the attention of the viewer to a particular subject or point of interest within the photo by composing the subject with a frame around it. The main purpose of framing is to give the photograph a sense of depth and layer and lead the eye towards the main focal point.

For availing professional photography services in Sydney and Melbourne (Australia), photography Sydney and photography Melbourne websites and online directories can help in guiding about the professional photographers with their price packages mentioned. These professional photographers offer services in various genre photography categories like advertising, events, fashion, portfolio, portrait, nature and wedding photography. They offer photographic prints on 35 mm, medium format, digital and panoramic photographic formats. Most of the online photography directories have links or URLs of the websites of photographers. Clicking on the link will guide you to the website of the photographer where one can view the portfolio and work of the photographers. Their service price packages along with the prices of their stock photo collections are also mentioned on the websites. The prices of stock photos vary from size to size and shipping charges are also included in it.
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