Three Things You Must Know When Picking a Venue to Celebrate Your NYC Birthday

By: Bill Gaines | Posted: 26th September 2011

If you live in NYC, likely you have experienced trying to put together a successful birthday party that all of your friends will love, and that you will have a ton of fun at as well. However, you have also probably dealt with the stress associated with trying to plan a big night in the Big Apple. This article discusses the three things you must know when picking a spot to celebrate your NYC birthday, in order to make certain that you and your friends all have a great time.

First, you have to know what type of place you want to celebrate your NYC birthday at. Important questions to ask yourself when considering a venue include: What kind of music do they play? Do you want a club, a lounge, a bar, or something else entirely? Do you want to sit and chat, or do you want to shake your groove thing all night long? What kind of crowd are you looking for? If a venue doesn't match what you are looking for, move on, or risk a night of misery. Reading online reviews, talking to friends, or exploring the venue on a weekend night prior to your birthday are all great ways to figure out if the venue is for you. When you finally find one that you like, make sure you book it!

After you have selected a venue, then it is time to gather some important information. The second thing you must know when picking a venue to celebrate your New York City birthday at is the dress code. If the spot has a dress code, you better make sure that your friends are prepared and show up dressed correctly. If not, you risk losing some friends that night when they are told they can't get in, or some major embarassment if your friends are forced to buy a club t-shirt to get in at the door. Yeah, it happens. Don't let it happen to you or your friends, and you'll be fine.

The final thing you must know involves the costs of the venue. It is important to know the cost of any cover charge and the average price of drinks. The last thing you want to happen on your birthday is for everyone to get dressed to impress, arrive in a timely manner at the venue, and then get surprised with a serious cover charge that they are unwilling to pay. Even worse is when someone unhappily pays the cover, gets inside, and finds out that the drinks are way more than they are willing to spend. Nothing ruins a birthday party quicker than people bailing because of high drink costs or not even showing up because they don't want to pay the cover. By giving your friends advance notice, you prevent any unpleasant surprises and avoid any issues.

Follow my advice, gathered through years of experience, and your NYC birthday will be an incredible night of fun that you will remember long after the celebration is done. You will be a legend among your friends for years to come.

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