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By: Edy Leasa | Posted: 26th September 2011

The popularity and negotiation strategy game that is played Monopoly and both players 12, 25, and 40 years have led to the general impression that this is a very simple game. Nothing is less true. Monopoly is one of complex board games, involving a full suite of skill when played competitively. From negotiating strategic thinking, through planning and financial tactics, Monopoly is a game that, although much depends on luck, be careful and planning won the victory as a well thought out tactics from the beginning.

1. Keep an eye on other players bankruptcy. Never forget the true goal of the game of Monopoly. This is not to get rich you, but to bankrupt the other players. Will not let things in luck. Luck can turn against you at any time during the game. Therefore, the strategy is to bankrupt a player when you can. Mila has nothing to do in a game like Monopoly, which depends so much on luck.
2. Remember about how much money the other players. Knowledge about how money can help other players to decide in time whether or not to bid against one point for a property of them. You can know how each would be willing to bid, how many houses and hotels can afford each player on average and about what it can afford to pay rent.
3. Quarter orange and other strategic property acquisitions. It is always a good idea to buy a property when it is a property of a neighborhood that already have one or two books about property that would prevent one of your opponents to complete their district on the color or a property in whose neighborhood no other player has no properties. Except from what I listed above make orange district. Quarter orange is for Monopoly what is mainland Australia for Risk. It is a great facilitator for winning the game.
4. Sometimes it is better to stay in prison. This is not the case when there is still a lot of properties immoderate. When there are still many properties to buy is when you're moving on the board. But when most of the properties of the boxes in prison and "Go to jail" are occupied, it is best to roll the dice hoping to stay in prison. Obviously, unless you luck to anyone on the Community Chest.
5. When and how to build houses and hotels? Well, it is clearly preferable to build houses and hotels ahead of other players to increase the chances that they would be bankrupt before you. The strategy is to keep your money but a minimum amount to cover possible expenses that will occur over time. Thus, if no other player has a complete neighborhood, the strategy is to keep about $ 200 set aside. If there are other neighborhoods filled you may need about $ 400. It is preferable to 3 houses on the property before moving to the Built around a second quarter that you earned. Not the other, but rent a property increases dramatically with the addition of each house. If you only neighborhood purple, blue or purple completed - so districts with the lowest rental values - is a good idea to buy as much house you can afford. Not the other but there is a limited number of houses in the game, namely 32, and you building your house will remain and not other players. Not a good idea not to change, in this case, houses, hotel, hotels because other players would return the stock of houses.
6. It is good to know which lands are properties that are most rare and most often in the game of Monopoly and make decisions based on that. For example, when you need to mortgage the property or buy one with sacrifices. It is ideal not to mortgage the property with a good chance of being visited by opponents. For example, we know that the most visited district due to his placement is the orange box near the prison. Click here for a list of properties that are most often fail and those who fail most often when playing Monopoly.
7. Try to control a complete side of the board. Try to get two neighboring districts so that one side full control of the board. Thus, you can be sure that all the other opponents will fall on your property and you will pay at least once on tour, namely when passing through the right side.
8. The second quarter on each side of the board is a better investment. Why? Well because they have the same cost of houses and hotels as the first property on each side, but the rent is higher. ROI (return on investment) for these properties is clearly better.
9. Negotiate hard when you have other properties that they want at any price. In other words, do not give up easily. As I know more on fire on opponents who want these properties, the more I do it and they want more and even get better deals.
10. Be aware of potential alliances. If you both luck and good strategy and get the best player on the board in a very short time, you'll quickly be able to annoy all the other players and this can cost you dearly. Alliances create greater resistance against you and other players in negotiations with you are the main reasons.
Monopoly is today the best selling game players, can be found in stores in over 80 countries and is produced in 26 languages. The rules are simple and can be quickly understood by any novice player: moving the board is in one sense, each player moving his pawn as many squares as throwing dice.

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