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By: vivek raj | Posted: 21st September 2011

Make up enhances the beauty of the individual and gets one noticed in the crowd. Variety of makeup tips are developed for matching various moods and occasions. When applying makeup for any function, it is important to apply the perfect makeup that will suit the occasion. The makeup for the parties is certainly different from the one required for family functions. Hence, you must keep in mind to apply perfect makeup according to the occasion. Here we discuss the tips for the smokey eye makeup. This type of eye makeup is in trend and hence our tips will surely help you to get that smokey eye look you desire.
There are many methods for applying makeup. Here are some simple steps for getting the smokey eye look:
The trend of smokey eye makeup is growing awhile as we see many women applying it. Below are the step-by-step directives for perfect smokey eye look. The perfect combination of colors will help you to achieve the desired smokey eyed look. Make sure to mix the colors flawlessly. Get the combination of light base colors with the rich dark colors. The best combination for eye makeup is soft gold base with deep purple top, champagne base with bright blue and green hue with peach base. Once your base is ready, it is quite easy to apply this makeup and it will take only 10-15 minutes. Here are the steps for applying makeup:
Prepare the base of eye shadow with the dark and light color combination. Move the primer over the eye lids to keep it oil free so that the eye shadow does not melt into eyes. Move the primer across the eyes and let it dry before you move to the next step.
If you want the usual black, brown or gray smokey eye look, you can apply eye liner of any color above the upper lash line. Draw thicker line in the middle of the eye.
You can use the eye liner pencil on the lower lashes as it is easier to smudge. After drawing the line move your finger over the line to make it blur. Applying shadow on the smudged area will give it more smudged effect.
Blending the lighter base with the darker hue will give your eyes a perfect smokey look. Use the cream shade for the base and sweep the shadow over your eye lids till brow bone.
After applying the base and the eye liner, take a dark eye shadow and apply it on the upper area of each eye. Make it faint for a perfect look. Mix the color carefully so that the line disappears.
The color you used for the blend should match your eye color. Mix it properly so that the lash line disappears completely. Use the Q-tip brush for applying the eye makeup.
The above makeup tips provide you the best makeup ideas for smokey eye makeup. You can use darker shades for the night parties and lighter shades for the day makeup. Smokey eyes will certainly boost up your beauty and make you the center of attraction.
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