Factors That Influence Cosmetic Packaging Design

By: liza252 | Posted: 20th September 2011

Designing cosmetic packaging is a job thatís easier said than done. Successful, well planned cosmetic packaging design takes into consideration numerous factors. While packaging design is primarily centered on being functional and promotional, it also needs to meet other essential requirements and be well within your budget. The packaging of a product must match the brand as well as the product, besides being visually appealing. Cosmetic packaging plays an important role in building brand identity and is fast becoming an integral part of the marketing process. It is always recommended that before designing the perfect package, it is necessary to draft an overall package design strategy.

For manufacturers to create and promote an impressive packaging solution that stands out from the rest it is necessary to take into consideration the following factors:

1. Creative and Attractive Appeal
Most people buy products that are visually appealing to them, especially when they are purchasing it for the first time. When designing cosmetic packaging it is important for the designers to increase the creativity in their approach to produce a product that is attractive and appealing to a customer.

2. Image of the Company
The image of the company and what the company wants to convey is of utmost significance in cosmetic package designing. It is only then that the packaging will be effective and be able to connect to the market. Well designed packaging can create the image of excellent service and value for money.

3. Competition
Considering the plethora of products that are available in the market it is important to ensure that your product can stand out and grab the attention of customers. Almost 75 percent of all goods purchased by customers in the US are distributed in packages, and all of them are vying for customer attention.

4. Consumer Requirements
Your cosmetic packaging design needs to be thoroughly influenced by the needs, preferences and purchasing habits of your customers. Conducting market surveys will help in understanding customer needs.

5. Shipping Convenience
Effective and convenient packaging also helps in reducing shipping costs, more so when the packaging design is light. This also becomes very handy in mail order purchases.

6. Environmental Awareness
People are becoming aware of the consequences of polluting the environment with packaging wastage. There is more than 20 million tons of plastic produced in the US alone, and it is therefore understandable that more and more companies are re-looking at how their packaging can be disposed off without polluting the environment.

7. Government Regulations
There are a great deal of regulations that have to be adhered to by companies, from agencies like the FDA and the FTC. Through the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, there are strict safety and strength standards on all packaging.

8. Budget
There is always the concern of the budget when designing a product. Ideally packaging should not exceed more than five percent of the productís total cost.

9. Budget Product
How easy it is to dispense the product from the container is also an important aspect that needs to be considered when designing the product. The decision on whether to opt for an airless pump or a liquid dispenser can then be made.

There are a number of cosmetic packaging manufacturers who offer a wide array of attractive and well designed products. Attractive cosmetic packaging design helps in communicating with the customer and influencing how a particular product sells.
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