Kooltel America, a different new way of communication

By: Douglas | Posted: 19th September 2011

Phones are probably the oldest mode of communication. Internet phone has transformed this service into an outstanding new method of communication as it offers you the opportunity to talk incessantly, without paying extra cost. KoolTel America is the service provider who can offer the best form of internet phone service. All you need to have is a seamless internet connection and your purpose will be solved. The unlimited talking service on internet, by Kooltel-America will cost you only $17.76 each month, which is quite easily affordable by any subscriber. As the subscriber of this service, you get a 500 minute Calling Card every month to make a call at any place in the country at any point of time from your laptop or PC. This unlimited calling process is possible for the unique calling service of Kooltel.

The unique services that make kooltel stand out among many other internet phone service providers are listed below. Please, check those out:

KoolTel America features:

• Kooltel phone has literally given Internet phone a new dimension. Calls will be received when you are present at your desk, or else, the call will go to your voicemail. In that case, you will be able to check the call later. This service of KoolTel America allows you to receive incoming calls even when you are moving.

• You won’t need to use the credit card.

• There are three options of call forwarding at kooltel. You can adjust account settings in order to forward calls to the cell phone numbers that you have provided the company with, at the time of registering with the company.

• Your laptop or computer will become the calling device to call on a number in America or Canada.

• If your phone is found to be switched off, then you will be receiving voice mails. As the last measure, all the voice mails are transformed into WAV files. Then these WAV files are mailed to the inbox of the email ID provided by you.

• In order to use the service of Kooltel, you do not need to disconnect the primary phone service that you already have.

• You get a Caller ID service and the Name list.

• With Kooltel, you do not need to sign any long-term contract. This indeed saves a lot of time on your part.

• FollowMe, FindMe are the applications of Kooltel-America that lets your callers locate you at any place when you are offline.

This wide array of services will not be offered by any other internet phone service provider in America. Registration with KoolTel America ensures a very fast processing of the services offered by this internet phone service provider. Sign up to the site of the company and fill in the form you are asked to. Subscribe to the service and make several domestic calls from your laptop or PC, which has an internet connection. So, subscribe to the service today and enjoy the magic of talking incessantly on your Kooltel phone.

Kooltel America ensures unlimited calls to any number in Canada or America. The Kooltel phone allows you to enjoy numerous facilities.
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