Automatic Irrigation for Minneapolis Landscape Contractors

By: aaliyahaldaco | Posted: 14th September 2011

If you are going to talk about agriculture, chances are, you are going to talk about irrigation too. Irrigation deals not only with the artificial application of water to the soil, but also the prevention of flooding or drought as well as water conservation. Early civilizations in Mesopotamia and Egypt started the construction of canals as a major endeavor of the pharaohs and their servants in sustaining communities during their reign.

Provincial governors during the ancient period are usually in charge of the digging and repair of canals to prevent flooding whenever the Nile was flowing high. The lands were checker boarded with small basins which can be considered as prototype dikes. This was the beginning of several other public works that continued in other succeeding civilizations.

Because forms of land vary from one place to another, a certain type of irrigation must be used. Ditch irrigation is a traditional method in which waterways or ditches are dug out and sprouts are planted in rows. Plantings are watered by placing furrows in between the rows through siphon tubes that move water from the main ditch to the furrows. Such system of irrigation used to be very popular in the U.S., until the rise of modern irrigation systems.

Another type of irrigation mn is terraced irrigation which uses retaining walls. This is very labor intensive and is used in planting on steep lands. The drip and sprinkler systems, on the other hand, are both types of automatic irrigation that use overhead sprinklers and guns as well as pipelines and cylinders. Center pivot irrigation and rotary, on the other hand, also use sprinklers moving in circular motion and can reach distances up to 100 feet.

Because automatic irrigation is used in Minneapolis, landscape contractors mn in the area use computerized machines or digital regulators. In some cases, rain or moisture sensors are also used to stop the water flow when the rain starts to pour. Most irrigation devices nowadays are installed with these kinds of sensors.

These types of automatic irrigation are economical choices for households when it comes to time, money, and effort. With automatic irrigation, maintenance is required occasionally as the landscape is kept in good shape. Experts on landscape design minneapolis suggest that a landscape design plan must be created before choosing a specific type of automatic irrigation for gardens.
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