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By: Brigette Federico | Posted: 14th September 2011

If you are a British nanny looking for recruitment overseas it can be overwhelming trying to find an agency to represent you and find you suitable employment. There are many London nanny agencies to choose from but finding the right one for you can take time. Picking the right nanny agency for you is crucial to finding a family that is a good match for you. As a bilingual nanny you will find yourself in high demand, and choosing the right London nanny agency is important.

London nanny agencies aim to find you the most fulfilling and enjoyable role suited to both you and your skills. English speaking nannies are placed with families abroad who want their children to learn English. There are numerous types of nanny positions, visiting a few London nanny agencies might help you decide what kind of position you are looking for. Bilingual nanny vacancies include, tutors, ski and sun nannies, 24 hour maternity nurses, special needs nannies to name but a few. Bilingual male nannies are also in high demand with overseas families who want their children cared for by a male nanny. The types of nanny positions vary from full-time and part-time positions to live-in roles. The length of placement also varies from a permanent position with a family to one on a temporary short-term basis.

Once you have found a nanny agency in London the placement process can begin. For the majority of London nanny agencies the process begins with applicants registering their CV and details online. Once these have been reviewed a meeting with the agency is set up to interview the prospective nanny and check documentation, childcare references are also verified at this stage before the process is taken any further. Childcare qualifications and certificates will also be reviewed and a CRB check carried out. Once complete candidates are then put forward for potential vacancies and prospective families can meet and interview candidates. The agency will at this point usually liaise with the candidates and the families to ensure they are a suitable match.

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