Tailored Solutions In Hair Products

By: Mary | Posted: 07th September 2011

Consumers have come to expect tailored solutions when it comes to all hair products on the market, whether buying the product at a top swanky salon or from a retail outlet, they want something that ‘homes’ into their particular hair type or hair problem.

Professional suppliers of hair products are offering consumers shampoo and conditioners that address their own treated locks or dreaded dandruff, a volumizing formulation for thinning hair or taming ingredients for difficult hair types, also protection from the season’s severe conditions.

Today’s consumers expect more from their hair products beside basic cleansing properties, they are looking for highly specific and high quality ingredients adapted to all hair structures and needs.

The global recession has affected sales of all consumer goods, over the last two years, and hair care sales have not come out unharmed. A recent report shows that in response to the recession, a quarter of female shampoo users in the UK have spent less on shampoo, it is also predicted that this decline will take itself into 2011, as consumers continue to economize.

This of course will have a knock on effect on the top brands that are now doing heavy price promotions at the point of sale, thus wooing consumers, also a further reaction to this is budget ranges and value sized products in an attempt to appeal to the estimated 3.5 million women identified as buying value sized hair products.

Men and women the world over will always make their budgets stretch to hair products, simply because health and hygiene comes first before anything, and for the look conscious and discerning customer is an essential part of their shopping.

Hair care products and other cosmetics were searched by women only, but not so today, the situation has changed, both men and women will purchase products that will give them the desired look, this has changed the target consumers considerably, and to encourage this trend advertisement campaigns are designed to allure both the genders equally.

Hair conditioners have become the number one important product for the care of our hair, and its role is to prevent hair from drying, also to reconstruct and give strength to the hair through hydrolyxed protein, also promises to keep the hair healthy even in acidic environments, and maintain the pH at about 2.5 to 3.5, furthermore plays a major part in detangling, and more importantly protects the hair against excessive heat especially when hair is blow dried, and hair straighteners are used to give a new shape.

A spokesman for Fabriah professional hair products online said, "Both men and women want their hair to look glossy, and in great condition, we do supply products tailored to the type and condition of a customer’s hair, and several hair treatments will protect from the summer sun or winter chills. We are an online facility and offer a service second to none; all orders to the UK are delivered FREE and our prices are very competitive. After a visit to our website we want our customers to feel absolutely happy with their choices and any advice obtained from our experts, after all we want you to visit again and again".

For further information visit: www.fabriah.com or visit their Facebook page for 60% off their Spring Sale products. Alternatively follow them on Twitter.
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