Significance of Political news India in development

By: Nikita Verma | Posted: 17th August 2011

Sphere of politics seems to be excluding common person when everything about it just emphasizes on his very being, in general, the Public. The hordes of magazines address this very entity of System to appease the curiosity behind locked doors of politics. Front page of newspapers are nothing but political news India for us. It might give an impression that World news and India news are nothing except Politics and everything related to it. Every state has its role to play. Every piece of Land and every drop of river concern the politicians. Who could have thought of making an issue over such matters rather than coming to consent as soon as possible except Politicians? The sound of the question is rhetoric and answer is all too evident.

People have to be worried about Political affairs. In an instant their fate can be sealed in some policy. Businesses are not too different matter either. Trade policies are decided by the people who sometimes don’t exactly understand the points covered in it. Taxes can change life of an average citizen in one budget leading to adjustments in management of money even at personal level if businesses are not be regarded for one time. Stability of country all together is an issue to be worried when policies and bills are discussed in houses of parliaments. All these things only highlight why Political news India is on very first page of Newspaper.

Politics of India has often attracted the headlines of world news. It happens specifically when American President or such personalities are to visit and stay in India for a while to make relationship between the countries better. Even India News is nothing except such political visits. They are considered important even when nothing consequential comes out of them. It is more of political hyperbole than anything most of the times.

Political Scenario of a country is the representation of the country as a whole. People outside it know a country because of the policies and policy makers. They are supposed to taking a country on inroads to development. If the country is India that Scenario is drawn from the Political news India mostly. In ads campaigns citizens are taught manners to build a positive image of country that is shredded in to pieces the moment “Question Hour” of Loksabha is broadcasted on channels. It is indeed a shame that India news has nothing to console such situations. Criticism coming from home is more than enough but still world news has its work to do. We can only take caution for future but what can exactly be expected out of shouting people in there?

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