Attractive Huawei M835 Cases For Protection

By: Robert Fogarty | Posted: 17th August 2011

Huawei M835 phone from Huawei is a great mobile phone with attractive features. It is a touchtone phone with 2.8 QVGA screen. It has a 2MP camera, music player and is Bluetooth enabled. It is always better to have a protective cover for any phone as there is always a chance of the phone being mishandled. The screen needs to be protected from scratch and dust as well. There are many different types of covers available in the market that can protect your phone from scratches, dust and even accidental fall.

There is a new silicon case, metroPCSSSC0010 is specifically for Huawei M835 with a protective skin made of silicon that is black in colour and is custom fitted for the phone. It has a nice and soft rubbery feel which is really comfortable to handle and also has an elegant style. It comes in many different colours and designs. There are covers in black, pink, blue, etc. There is also a designer series (PRO0016, PR0017, etc.) including silver skulls, leopard print, butterfly, pink heart, pink zebra, make your phone more fashionable. These cases are easy to change and you can change it every now and then to suit your mood or outfit.

The TPU series (TPU0030 in blue and TPU0020 in Fuchsia) of Huawei M835 cases comes with Gel case and screen protector. The gel case is custom fitted for the phone. The screen protector is anti- scratch, finger print free and bubble free. It also has UV protection and anti-glare properties. It is not only self-adhesive, it is washable and reusable. The gel case is ergonomically designed for easy grip.

The cover should be designed in a way that it would not compromise the actual look of the phone. If you are looking for a protective cover and not a pouch, this is a good choice. If you want a pouch that can be hooked onto your belt, there are many such pouches available with a clip at the back of the cover that can be latched onto the belt. There are horizontal pouches and vertical pouches available. There are some pouches specifically made for certain phones and some of these cases are made to fit for a number of different phones. 33Mv3HC Horizontal pouch for Razrof4.13 X 2.13 X .67 dimension will fit Huawei M835 well. Another case that will suit well is 81NFLJaguarsPDA. It has a nice little Jaguar on the cover which is black in colour. It is a vertical pouch that can be fitted on to your belt. You can find all Huawei M835 cases easily.

CLARAM835 is another case suitable for Huawei M835 phone available in the market that provides screen guard and full body protection. It is only 1/100th inch of thick and the screen guard gives you protection from scratch and fall without disrupting the sensors of the touchscreen. It fits perfectly on the phone without any need for sprays or chemicals to put it on. The package also contains microfiber cloth for cleaning the phone.
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