Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks Using Home Remedies

By: vanessa | Posted: 12th August 2011

Having stretch marks is a fact of life since it can be acquired by both men and women at some point in their life. There are also many ways to reduce and remove them. Some of them are laser treatments, beauty creams and other products, and natural remedies that can be found in your own home. If you want to try remedies from your own kitchen, you can use olive and vegetable oils. Just apply enough amounts of oils on the affected areas. You can also use Vitamin E by rubbing them gently on your stretch marks. Match these remedies with a diet that promotes regrowth of your skin. Also, never forget to do exercises as it will make your muscles firmer.

Stretch marks appear on areas of the skin where it breaks due to constant stretching. A number of factors contribute to the fallibility of the skin. Lack of proper nutrition and hydration can lead to its loss of elasticity and strength. The best ways to avoid the appearance of stretch marks is to exercise measures in stretch mark prevention. You can begin by improving your lifestyle and avoid foods that do not provide enough nourishment for your body. Learn to eat wisely and healthy! Drink a lot of water to constantly hydrate your skin. This helps in maintaining its elasticity and supple qualities.

Stretch marks are scars that resulted from overstretching of skin during a rapid weight gain such as pregnancy. Only a good laser treatment or other surgical procedure can cure you from stretch marks. No beauty cream product available on the market can actually remove them. The only true solution to stretch marks is to prevent them before they even occur. Prevention can be done by increasing the skin's elasticity. Drinking a lot of water generally keeps the elasticity of the skin since it hydrates the cells of the skin. Skin creams and lotions are also helpful in providing artificial hydration to your skin. Vitamins A, E and C are also good substances for the skin that can help prevent stretch marks.

Getting pregnant is the most wonderful experience for a woman. It completes her being a female. However, developing stretch marks on the belly can be a horrible sight to see. Some women are not too proud to show of their "battle scars" as proof their motherhood. You can actually prevent these hideous marks from showing even during pregnancy. By applying a reputable pregnancy stretch mark cream you can prevent or minimize the appearance of these ugly scars. There are brands that contain organic ingredients that are safe to apply on your abdomen even when you are emancipating. It relives the itchy feeling you experience while your skin is stretching. It heals the reddish marks on your skin where it breaks preventing it from forming into stretch marks.

In a recent survey, the most effective prevent stretch mark cream on the market today is TriLastin-SR. It gained popularity after it was featured on the Tyra Banks show. It boasts of its highly effective results of removing stretch marks for good. Several users attest to the efficiency of this topically applied body cream. Second on the list is the product Revitol which was endorsed by Oprah way back in 2009. Zenmed Stretta is third on the top three list in the most effective creams in the prevention of stretch marks. It contains the essential oils, chemical compounds that are naturally processed and organic extracts.

Stretch marks are often unsightly and unpleasant marks that may affect your self-confidence. One way to reduce them is to use stretch mark creams with formulation that can penetrate and help the skin to cure and rejuvenate. Stretch marks can be reduced by bringing back the skin's firmness and elasticity through the help of biological molecules such as glycans, peptides, proteins and enzymes. One particular stretch mark cream uses naturally occurring biological serum because of its regenerative properties. It can strengthen fragile cells, remove scar tissues and supports the immune system. This formulation is a rather advance one because it recognizes the importance of treating your skin on the inside and not just only on the outside.

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