Fringe Benefits by Matrix A lot more than you expected

By: Matric Cellular | Posted: 27th July 2011

Matrix international SIM cards, one of the world's most preferred communication partners, does not only offer great savings and fantastic network coverage. There are also a host of benefits, thanks to the widespread affiliate network across various domains.

To begin with, Matrix is now a reward partner with American Express, and all American Express card holders now have the option of redeeming their points for a Matrix gift voucher worth Rs. 5000. Another benefit is in the form of travellers cheques from American Express, as a person issuing the same can get a rental free SIM card with 15 minutes of talk time for calls to India. In the USA, the same entails 200 minutes of local talk time, while a person in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand gets free value worth Rs. 400. Also, if a person is in China, then he/she can get a permanent SIM card with Rs. 999 if he/she goes for a China Matrix connection. There is also an offer for Lufthansa Miles and More members, who can earn 10,000 award miles upon purchase of a Matrix connection. Further, every Rs. 100 spent on a Matrix connection gives a person double the mile, i.e., 10 miles instead of 5. One can also earn 1000 miles by signing up for the Rs. 1999 Germany annual plan, and 500 miles for the Rs. 999 Germany or UK annual plans.

Also, Miles and More Senators, along with Lufthansa First and Business Class travellers can get a free talk time credit of 100 for Germany/Europe, and free local minutes in the US, with Matrix SIM cards. Economy travellers will get a rental free SIM card for the UK and Europe, along with 10 anytime minutes absolutely free of cost. Members of Miles and More will also get an additional 5 miles for every Rs. 100 spent on the Matrix connection or recharge. Lufthansa also has some special offers for students, the first one of them being free talk time worth $50 upon subscribing to the Matrix US student connection. Also, there is free talk time worth Rs. 1250 for students availing Matrix UK annual student contracts, while the Matrix German student 3 month contract gives Rs. 500 worth of free talk time. Coming to other airlines, one can get up to 8 Partner King Miles for every Rs. 100 spent on a Matrix connection. In case of long term deals and student plans, 3 Partner King miles will be credited for every Rs. 100 spent.

If one is a Deutsche Bank credit card member, there are special offers on Matrix international SIM card for the US and UK (in case of DB Platinum card) and for the US, UK, Germany and France (for DB M&M). All in all, there is a whole lot of things one can look forward to, along with great network coverage and savings up to 80% on every international call from major destinations across the world, making it the best communication partner in every sense of the word.

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