Can You Start a Recording Studio And Be Successfull?

By: joaomanuelsmith | Posted: 19th July 2011

There's two main reasons why someone would want to start their own recording studio. To build a career and business by renting it out to others or to have their own private studio to use when and how they please.

If set up properly there's no reason you couldn't use it for both these things. I know a few musicians who built a recording studio and instead of using it for their own recordings are renting it out to those who will pay to use it.

If your desire is to start a recording studio for business reasons then great, but you have to have the right business model to make it a success. While this isn't very complicated for anyone with the desire to do it, the right plan and business model should be in place for success.

Whiz kids all over are recording in their own studios but that doesn't mean they can turn it into a business if they don't understand that side of it. The savvy person can turn it into a money making business by using the proper know-how with only half the technical knowledge.


Some people are of the mindset that a lot of competition can kill you. You need to have plenty of competition to assure there is a large enough market. Plenty of competition ensures a market will thrive.

The recording studio business certainly falls into that category because there will always be plenty of people wanting to write and record their music. It's true that many are now making their own home studio but most of these setups are not and never will be a professional quality studio, meaning they will still be taking their home productions to be finished at a better studio than the one they have at home.

What is the cost?

It wasn't that long ago that you couldn't even think about setting up a professional quality recording studio for less than a few hundred thousand bucks but because of digital technology advancements, competition and very accessible quality equipment in the recording world it's very attainable now.

It's no wonder that many musicians and songwriters, pro's and amateurs have their own home studios.

While a decent home studio can be set up from a few hundred to a few thousand bucks, your better pro quality studio would need to be much better than that but still inexpensive enough that would make it possible for anyone with the right attitude would be able to get it done.

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