Male Skin Needs More Careful Conservation

By: Codeblue | Posted: 28th June 2011

Speaking of skin maintenance and care, people often think that this is the issue of women. In fact, the sebaceous glands and sweat glands of men are bigger than females, and their skin acidity is also higher than women. Moreover, men often work in the difficult conditions, so their skins are more vulnerable to pollution, black and rough. Therefore, men should have scientific and reasonable care and maintenance on their skins.

Do massage constantly: Massage could help skin exfoliate aging cells timely, promote the facial blood circulation, improve skin breathe, supplement skin nutrition through increased secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands and improve the vitality of the skin deep cells, which makes the skin shiny and elastic. Paint some massage cream on face firstly and do massage along the facial skin. You can do it about ten minutes every morning and evening.

Shave in a correct way: Menís beards grow fast, and some people particularly have thick beard, so they need to shave frequently. It is better to do it in the morning, because the face and surface skins are in relaxed state. People need to select shaving cream with good quality and low irritation. Clean your face at first; when the pores are relaxed and open, start shaving from temple, cheek, neck, lip and chin; after that, wash face with warm water and then cold water to recover the opened pores; then paint some cream to appease the skin and reduce irritation. In addition, do not pull out beard with hands or tweezers, so as to avoid the bacterial invasion and cause folliculitis and other skin diseases.

Do not smoke: If you want to make your skins clean and shiny, you have to quit smoking. Tobacco contains many harmful substances, such as nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide, which can damage human health and make the skin dark. People who are addicted to smoke often have dry face, wrinkles, yellow and black teeth, weakened vision and hearing and even get cancer.

Prevent sunshine and cold: Men who often work outdoors should pay attention to sunscreen in summer and antifreezing in winter. The sunscreen could start from spring because the UV in spring is also strong. In winter, you can paint some oil or cream to prevent chap to supplement full nutrition to skins and keep moisture.

People often say that old men are more charming, which often refers to their temperaments. I think they will be more attractive if they could look younger than their real ages. So, follow my above suggestions right now.

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