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By: Henry James | Posted: 27th June 2011

Who cares about a razor?

We live in a crazy era, we don't tend to look after ourselves that well, we moan that we have to pay for prescriptions or for dentist work, and yet we will happily hand over hundreds of pounds to a vet for our pets care. In theory our pets have private medical insurance and we don't even bat an eyelid.

Well now that I have you attention, as obscure as my introduction is I would like to address your attention onto what is under the category of men's grooming and as it is a necessity should also come under the category of health and that is shaving.

We moan about the price of razors today, however when you think about it why would you choose the cheapest when you are talking about putting a razor blade against your face? As nearly all razors are semi disposable whereby you keep the handle and dispose the blade, your first port of call should be choosing a handle that you can live with almost indefinitely. Merkur razors bring the traditional shaving style right up to date with their razors ranges. The Merkur Razor has a very sturdy handle and only requires one blade, unlike most new blades which make you believe that 3 is better than one.

The theory behind the Merkur Razor is that the single blade is sufficient enough that you should only need to shave each area only once. This prevents in growing hairs and reduces rashes. When you try a Merkur Razor for yourself, you will see how much better the Merkur Razor can be for your skin.

If you want to make your shave even more traditional why not try using a shaving brush such as the Badger Shaving brushes range. This is also an area that we tend to neglect when shaving, we just tend to splash water, put on shaving foam and then just get on with it. Let me tell you a little shaving preparation can pay dividends. Shaving brushes allow the soap to foam up and get in-between the hairs. The badger shaving brush also allows the hairs to stand up allows for a smooth cleaner shave.

In summary Merkur Razors and other traditional Razors should really be considered when decided what razor to buy. Who cares about their razor? You should! provides the latest range of Merkur Razor. We stock a comprehensive range of products to meet any requirement. Visit us today for Badger Shaving Brushes.
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