Canon CLI-8BK Ink Cartridge Review

By: Wilfredo Fry | Posted: 23rd June 2011


With the hectic and spirited society we deal with each day, computers and printers have practically become inevitable, in our private lives and also in our work places. Computers can skilfully turn out volumes of information, and printers skilfully turn out non-electronic copies of critical documents. The technological revolution which bought a computer and printer to just about every desk is made possible by ongoing modernization. Although there's not much that couldn't do with a bit of improvement, the inkjet printer has proven to be a reliable and stable platform for delivering printer output. The technology is simple and centres on the inkjet cartridge, which contains micro-technology that accurately deposits ink on paper. Below are facts on an ink cartridge for Canon printers, the CLK-8BK.

Overall Rating:

4.5 of a possible 5.0 stars

Most Important Characteristics:

This highly-developed cartridge created by Canon incorporates the original ChromaLife 100 + system. This procedure enhances the durability and value of printed copy. ChromaLife 100+ uses a combination of Canon dye-based inks, a proprietary FINE print head, and photo paper to produce vivid, stunning results. FINE stands for "full-photolithography inkjet nozzle engineering" print head, a device that produces exceptional detail and sharpness in printed images and text. The total process is enhanced for utilisation with Canon’s photo papers. The cartridge also contains unique ink remaining notification technology.


Around £8.00 to £10.00

Item Description:

The CLI-8BK ink cartridge has a yield of about 450 pages at 5% coverage. It produces fantastic photo excellence which challenges standard photos. Photos created by this ink cartridge will be good for 100 years, if placed in an archival quality photo album. This cartridge is good for two years and has 13ml of black ink.

Regarding Canon:

I should tell you that the Canon Company includes a corporate philosophy known as “kyosei”, steering everyone of its actions. Kyosei is a collection of conviction of focusing on the ideal living and working situation that’s best for all. Canon has embellished upon this theory and interprets it like so: "All people, regardless of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future" Realising that inequality and discrimination do exist, Canon enthusiastically follow kyosei as a means to resolve them. Canon is really a universal corporation which thinks that the centre of its trade and quest for success relies on its patrons, their neighbourhoods, other countries and our environment.

Having a forward-thinking manner of carry out their business, I’m not at all surprised that a product such as Canon's CLI-8BK ink cartridge is superior to most others.About the Author
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