Breakup & Kids, How To Help Them Cope the Separation

By: Alphonso Cardenas | Posted: 23rd June 2011

Going through a Separation when you have kids can be painfully rough on both the parents and the children. It is imperative to make sure your children fully understand what is going on and are aware that they are not to blame for the breakup.

Sometimes the most strained in a divorce are our children. This is a extremely sad but a true fact about separation. As we are all aware divorce is on the rise and has been doing so for quite some time. We need to make sure that if we are going through a divorce and have kids that our main goal is to make sure their wellness and understanding of the current situation.

It is very important to help our kids understand the true reasons behind the breakup but only in a way that protects both adults in the eyes of the kids. This is extremely important from the kids perspective as it could damage them long term to be given a negative or damaging image of either grownups by one another.

Although separation is rough on the parents, we need to pay attention on making sure the children do not feel like they are to blame for what is happening. If this is not done properly it can cause more problems later in life for the children by causing them develop a complex over the situation. This can lead to more of a chance of relationship issues in your childs future and even aggression.

Be sure to let your kids school know what is transpiring as we usually find children will act out at school from the issues they are building up at home. This way the teachers can keep an eye on the kids and ensure that they are dealing well with their emotions.

Letting your children know that they are loved by both grownups very much can be a very reassuring thing for children going through a adults Breakup. This will also depend alot on how old your kids are when going through the Separation. We find early teenagers will act out in response to the Breakup and this should be expected. If this does happen the best way to deal with this is to sit down and have a lenghty talk with your kids and find out excatly what is going on with them.

In In summary make sure that your children are well aware of the situation and be honest with them about what is transpiring, this will stop more anxiety than what will already be there. I hope this has given you some advice on how to help your children cope with your Divorce.

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