How To Help Your Kids Become Creative & Imaginative

By: Noah Brown | Posted: 22nd June 2011

“Dad, please, I don’t want to miss my favorite show,” cried Evans as Bill tried to switch the TV off to make his 8-year-old son spend his time in something more constructive.

“Does the TV run only your favorite shows through the day?” asked Bill in exasperation, struggling with his son to keep the remote in his hand. Evans ended up spilling the packet of chips on to the carpet. Bill walked off in a huff, mumbling something about throwing the TV out the window and the TV continued to blare.

This is not only about Evans and Bob. It is a typical problem for any parent who is wondering how to dissuade his/her child from toxic TV and engage the growing young one into something more useful and creative. Particularly, during vacations, the problem gets even more acute with children having more leisure time on their hands with nothing much to do.

Parent children communication is essential

You may hear parents grumbling about kids getting addicted to TV or video games. But is it really the kid’s fault? As parents, it is our responsibility to take the initiative to instill creativity and imagination in children and engage them in constructive activities in which they realize the joy of creation.

The fact is our thoughts give us the power to create anything we want to. Of course, explaining this wisdom to children is a herculean task. Wisdom, awareness, powers of imagination are not available in capsules which you can pop into their mouth. They need to be instilled in children with great care and with sensitive communication between the parent and children. It is imperative for parents to help children become aware of their hidden potential, of the creative powers they have and the abilities they possess right from an early age.

That is why, as parents, you need to have healthy communication with children and talk about the power of imagination. You must have heard of the phrase – 'Mind over matter.' Our mind has unfathomable power that can help us realize our dreams. After all you bring about what you think about. And being imaginative helps you to have good, positive thoughts. So here are a few tips for parents which will help you instill creativity and imagination in children:

Bring toys/games/activities that spur imagination in kids
Don't force your ideas on children when they are playing. Let them come up with their own ideas. And buy toys/games/activities which ignite imagination in children. For instance, play dough, fun painting sets, jigsaw puzzles, word making games, creative things to make with plaster of paris and other such educational toys are a great way of motivating children to create something from their own imagination.

Expose kids to new things
One of the ways to promote curiosity and ignite imagination in kids is by exposing them to new things that allow them to think in a new way. On weekends, take children to cultural or scientific museum and exhibitions. Encourage them to mingle with the children of different cultures and communities. It is a great way of exposing your child to the diversity of culture, art and heritage the world has to offer.

Be open and patient
Don't push children to arrive at a solution. Be patient if your child is having difficulty in solving a riddle. Give him/her time to arrive at a solution and appreciate his/her effort. This will encourage children to come up with their own ideas. Remember the effort and thought process of finding solutions is more important than arriving at a solution.

Let your child help you in daily chores
Engage your children in day to day activities. While cooking you can ask children which fruits or vegetables grow on trees or under ground. Discuss with them what is unique about the Leaning Tower of Pisa, how tall buildings are able to stand, what makes airplanes fly and so on. The idea is to engage them with their own thought process rather than forcing your ideas on them.

Surround kids with books
Books are one of the best ways to ignite imagination in children. Fill your child's room with a variety of books from mythology, history and so on. Preferably get them children’s books with beautiful, colorful pictures as children get more attracted to images.

As we all know that both children and adults register images better in their mind than words, so you can have children watch some really great inspirational quotes or motivational videos. In fact, best is that you watch these meaningful videos with your children together. Such motivational videos are laden with life's wisdom along with captivating images that provide useful parenting tips. These motivational videos have proven to be a great help for parenting children and helps kids understand the importance of the power of thoughts and imagination. Besides, inspirational videos especially designed for children instill the important lessons of responsibility, honesty, perseverance, kindness, self-confidence and more in the young minds.

So get set to create a wonderful environment at home for your children where they are allowed to be creative and imaginative. After all, the mind is like a window through which you can see your future.
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