How Click to Call Tracking Can Help Your Business

By: Harriet | Posted: 20th June 2011

According to statistics collected by Relocation Directors Council, 50% of internet leads generated by online businesses are not followed up on. This is not a favorable condition for any business and must be paid due attention to if one wishes to generate more sales. Click to call tracking is an important tool that lets you respond to your leads and convert them into permanent customers.

Click to Call Tracking: Why Traditional Contact Methods Do Not Work

Click to call tracking is a revolutionary method to attract more traffic to your business. The conventional contact standard is to set up a ‘Contact Us’ page on your website. Users are prompted to fill their name, email address, phone number and query in the form and hit the ‘submit’ button. This can be a workable solution in many cases, but generally puts off a potential customer. This is because:

1.A person may hesitate to provide his contact information over the internet to somebody he does not know. Being a professional company, you will not share this personal information with anyone, but people do not know whether they can trust you.

2.If an individual has a busy schedule, he may not want to waste time posting a query and then waiting a response. In this case, he will simply leave your web page and search somewhere else for prompt service.

An effective solution to these problems is to initiate a click to call tracking service for your business. This allows visitors to your website to send you a request to call back with just a click of a button.

Click to Call Tracking: How It Works

In order to set up a click to call tracking system, you have to undertake a specific coding procedure that will display a ‘click to call’ button on your website interface. When a lead visits your website in search of a product or service, he is prompted to click on this button to receive more information. This button, upon being hit, asks for the user’s phone number. At your end, a phone rings to notify you about an incoming contact. You can then connect to your website visitor. This software also tracks the total number of incoming call alerts 24/7 and thus minimizes the risk of losing customers.

Speak2Leads, a US based internet lead management company, has wide experience and expertise in developing innovative and intuitive lead response technology.

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