CARPOOLING: Choice for Greener Society

By: Seema Gupta | Posted: 20th June 2011

Car Pooling is not a new concept.In fact, there has always been a type of ride sharing since the inception of public transportation. While buses, trolleys, and subways, all offer a public shared ride, their services are becoming outmoded to 21st century and beyond mass transportation models.


We are becoming a greener society and our citizens are more aware of our responsibility to future generations and our planet. We know that car pooling addresses and solves many travel challenges. It saves time and fuel costs, greatly reduces traffic congestion, is environmentally friendly, reduces parking nightmares, allows for more leisure human interaction and networking, (which is on a respirator). Its benefits include mileage reduction which is a plus for those who lease their vehicles and need to keep their miles down, or for those who care about heavy engine wear. In addition, it encourages neighborhood camaraderie. One travel issue that seems to be on the rise is the number of single-travel crimes (i.e., carjacking). Carpooling is a deterrent from such activity, which can be lifesaving.


The economy, our environment and societal ills have dictated a script that we should follow. Ride sharing is becoming a favored way of transportation. Events have, and always will be a part of the fabric of our society. Although the economy is in the ICU, there are activities, shows, social gatherings, concerts, sports games, and recreational venues that bring large masses of people together for one single event.
The objective of car pooling is first, a healthier and greener planet. Next, to minimize the flow, or lack thereof, of vehicles on the streets, highways, and freeways. While attending events especially those where alcoholic beverages will be served, the carpooled party should designate a driver from the same neighborhood. This will promote a safe return of all who are in the same vehicle and in the same neighborhood. No more driving all over town to drop of strangers.
Ten children attending the same school and have a game or an event that day, won’t have to travel in 10 cars. Since the event begins and ends at the same time, and they live in the same neighborhood, when the event is over, the carpoolers can safely return to the same neighborhood. Again, not only does this cut costs, but you’ve just created a challenging situation for any “would be” predator in the neighborhood who anticipates someone coming home alone. There is power in numbers and many crimes are committed because people walk or drive alone.


You know that vehicles were manufactured to get us from point A to point B. When you combine the innovation of transportation with the genius of technology, you have the tools to revamp the entire usage of your car as well as your accountability with your environment. Our world is a much larger place than when the first car was manufactured. So, your way of managing your travel mode should be congruent with the time you live.
carpooling is the mode of the future. It’s the way the world is choosing to travel. The future already knows that smart minds ride together.

Seema Gupta
Founder of CarpoolAssist Inc.
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