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By: Asher Batty | Posted: 19th June 2011

Raising children and exerting your influences through parenting is an awesome responsibility for anyone to have. The hardest thing about being a parent, is no matter what you teach your children, good or bad, it will influence them for the rest of their lives. It is too bad that common sense is not something that all parents have. People think that parenting is hard to learn, but it is mainly common sense. When raising children, the most natural response for people, is to do the same things that their parents did. If you believe that your parents made mistakes when raising you, you can break the cycle, and do a better job with your own children.

A parenting style that has observed is that of the indulgent parent. It would be sufficient to say that somebody with this type of behavior is too laid back about things. These indulgent parents are rather complacent when it comes to engaging with their children. There is a lot of freedom available to children in this household. This type of parent won't be harsh on their child when they deserve it, say if they did something wrong. Ill-mannered behavior is common of a child that has parents who isn't strict, due to the child knowing there will be no repercussions.

Inconsistency in the way that a parent raises their child has to do with a variety of issues. Parents that are consistently inconsistent are this way because it is the easiest road to travel. Single parents often fall victim to this type of inconsistent parenting. Consistency is achievable by any parent that takes the time to try to be.

It is possible to get structure back into your life if you stop and think about your decisions and your choices before making them too quickly.

One of the worst things you can do as a parent is withhold positive reinforcement from your children. Your children will always be there for you, if you will encourage them. When children receive encouragement from their parents, and understanding for their mistakes, they grow up feeling accepted. Obviously, children are learning how to do everything, and most children do not do things perfectly the first time. We all have our natural talents and abilities, but very often a child will try something for which they are not the best talented at doing. Parents who have been giving their children positive encouragement, while they have been growing, will have the best chance of impacting them.

Being a healthy parent is defined by some positive, common sense guidelines that you must complete. That is why there can be so much room for learning and growth which is another way of saying - making mistakes, missteps and occasional errors in judgment.

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