Romantic suspense novels to make you experience unreal world

By: Jane Rosenthal | Posted: 15th June 2011

Reading fiction is a great way to give an outlay to your imaginative world. Books especially factious books takes you from your present state to some UN chartered world which you always wish to be this is a great therapy to steal time from your real mundane world and to be in some dreamland world. Fiction has its own niche. If you really tired of regular ongoing type of fiction such as thriller or horror or travelogue fiction then its high time for you to try romantic suspense Adding suspense to a romance is extra tinge you are getting. Romantic suspense is the most prefers suspense books read especially by women. Since it has often seen that the pivot character if of women in such books. It is easier fro women to align themselves with this factious character. Women are little more imaginative rather than men; they really want to escape from their present reality world to some unknown fancy world. Women mostly read these books. These categories of women’s fiction appeal to women in particular.
Such romantic suspense fiction compels to women folk consequently they are bigger admirer of such romantic suspense fiction. Such kind of factious books makes you experience a whole new thrilling experience, which you never experienced in real mundane world. It is imperative at times escape from your real world and be in the world full of suspense and unreal chores
These women’s fiction plot often consists of women in its central character. These fictions novels generally end in an emotionally binding and an optimistic ending. These women fiction books decipher about love life in a strong relationship, which basically revolves around two people of opposite sex. These fictions books are set in different types of background. A reader can get probably everything. Sometimes the novel is written on the backdrop of war, sometimes at times of urgent crisis or the backdrops sometimes consist of paranormal setting. Traditional romantic novels such as flame and the flower by Kathleen woodiwiss are generally decipher in clean plot. They avoid adultery. These plot talks mainly between two lovers but with the evolving time, these books contain a little adultery in minor concentration to appeals today’s generation.
Romantic suspense novels have large variation. Within in this niche segment you will be flooded with thousands of options. There are all time favorites Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, Dream Man by Linda Howard, The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen Woodiwiss, hard evidence by Pamela calre, to the age by Cindy Gerard. These are hard-core romantic factious books, which are loved through out the ages. If you are modern age and want books written on today’s era you can check P.S I love you by cacelia Ahearn. The list is never ending. Romantic suspense novels cater to every age group. Romantic suspense books are there fro every age group. There are teenagers romantic suspense books as well as for mid aged women or old age. It covers everything under its umbrella. Authors such as Linda Howard, Anne straut, Pamela calre are known as romantic suspense authors. Their books have special suspense plot which is liked by people of different age.
Romantic suspense novels are something, which is loved through out the ages. They have their special targeted audience. These novels won’t loose its pristine quality.

Jane Rosenthal is an award winning poet, radio journalist, a romantic suspense author , and an educator. She received a degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State where she studied with Frances Mayes. Anyone who loves, reading, writing, gardening and believes in changing the world one small step at a time should write her at .
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