What Is a Keratin Straightening Treatment?

By: C. Murphy | Posted: 14th June 2011

Many women around the world struggle with the same problem: how to keep their incredibly frizzy or curly hair from going crazy. Especially in humid, damp, or hot areas of the world women struggle to keep their hair under control. It can be a headache to constantly be trying to find a new remedy or treatment to try to keep your hair controlled, but a keratin straightening treatment could be the answer you are looking for.

There are many brands of keratin straightening treatments around the world that you can use, but regardless of the brand, the product works well. Many people have found that the keratin hair straightening treatments help to keep their hair under control, and the internet is full of praise for this treatment. But does it work?

The majority of the hair-straightening products today have a keratin base to them, as keratin is a protein that naturally grows in your hair. Keratin helps to repair any damage to the hair, especially in the form of dry or cracked hair. When it is combined with a substance called formaldehyde, it creates a substance that is perfect to help straighten the hair. Once applied and sealed on the hair with a flat iron it helps to keep the keratin molecules packed tightly together, thus ensuring straight hair.

Usually one of these treatments last a couple of months, and is a very effective treatment. Applying it only takes a little over an hour, and can be done in nearly every beauty salon around the world. However, one major drawback to these keratin hair straightening treatments is the fact that they are incredibly expensive, usually averaging roughly $300 per treatment.

One upside to using these treatments is the fact that you can still dye your hair regardless of the treatment. The keratin holds the color well, and many beauticians actually suggest that you try the keratin treatment immediately after dyeing your hair in order to ensure that the color takes hold and is sealed in better.

A drawback is the fact that you can't wash your hair for a few days after the treatment, but many people find that it is well worth the price. Many women with frizzy and hard to control hair have been incredibly thankful for the effectiveness of the costly hair treatments. A special shampoo is also required to wash the hair after the treatment, involved shampoos that are free of sodium sulfate that would strip the keratin from the hair.

There have been some issues with the keratin treatment, due to the presence of formaldehyde in the mixture. Formaldehyde can cause problems with the skin, eyes, nose, throat, and lungs if it comes in contact with the body, and there have been a number of serious cases reported in recent months in relation to these keratin straightening treatments.

It is definitely worth it, however, and the risk is far outweighed by the benefits of trying these keratin straightening treatments. Women who have problems with controlling their frizzy hair will be benefitted by this treatment, and the expense will be well worth it.


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