OC (Orange County) Indoor Tanning

By: Frank K Muller | Posted: 13th June 2011

Selecting good quality tanning lotions can be a pricy affair for any tanner. It takes time to research the differrent types of lotions in order to find the best lotion available. Anyone who tans will tell you this. One of the best lotions that we have found is the line of OC (Orange County) tanning lotions. After having have tried numerous products we found that this line has the best color and left our skin feeling moisturized and soft. From the OC line a few of them they are definitely noteworthy such as 'Womanizer' and 'Out of Control'.

'Womanizer' tanning lotion has a really good quality bronzer added to its formula as well as having blushers and tan enhancers which allow you to see your tan almost right away. One of the greatest things about 'Womanizer' is that it has a chemical added that eliminates that after tan smell which many people do not like and this is a huge help.

'Out of Control' has a bronzer in it that you will see as soon as you first apply it. This is one of the things that we love about this lotion or in fact any products that OC makes. This particular tanning lotion has anti-aging ingredients which always leave our skin feeling younger and softer, which the majority of all OC products have. This is important for those who constantly tan since the skin tends to dry out. I have found that the OC lotion line always moisturizes the skin and leaves it in better condition than we found with other lotions.

There are many other things to look for when a person plans to buy a tanning lotion. Some lotions do not smell as good as others and this is a point to consideer as you will be smelling your lotion for up to 30 minutes. A bronzer is essential for those who do not tan easily, or even for those advanced tanners because it provides a bit of instant color right away which increases the depth of your tan. Of course a good moisturizer is a bonus for a tanner.

We have tried numerous brands of tanning lotions, ranging from inexpensive to the most expensive. We have found that OC tanning lotions are well worth their money since they constantly deliver great results. We have also found that their brand of lotion is enriched with more nutrients and that the lotion is a thicker consistency which spreads on skin much better. So if you are debating on whether OC products are worth the price we can assure you that they are. They may be a little more expensive but they are going to do wonders for your skin. Sometimes it is worth paying a little more to ensure thst the lotion you buy is of a high quality and contains ingredients to protect your skin.
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