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By: MarkApplegate | Posted: 13th June 2011

HP last but not least started to examine the tablet marketplace. At the occasion held in San Francisco, HP reveals their tablet referred to as the HP touchpad. The presence of these items ever more fierce levels of competition in the planet confirms the tablet-not just from the product, but a platform.

The cause, HP's touchpad will carry the running technique called WebOS. If you remember, WebOS is an working program created by Palm and is launched by means of a cellular phone and Palm's Palm Pre Pixi. Nonetheless, because Palm purchased HP previous year, WebOS useful "on leave" from the operating method arena. Nicely, this is the new touchpad, WebOS comes back again.

From the screenshots shown HP, WebOS physical appearance relatively unchanged. On the front page there are the Speedy Launch bar contains shortcuts to usually used programs, these kinds of as internet browsers, mail, immediate messenger, and gallery. Although the software is at the moment active and is in thebackground (fyi, WebOS supports multitasking) is shown in the type of "cards".

HP touchpad by itself has a dimensions 9.7-inch display screen with a resolution of 1024×768. These specs are the identical as Apple iPad, but not as high as Motorola Xoom which has a resolution of 1280×800. Processor using Qualcomm APQ8060 which is a two-core processor with a pace of one.two GHz. Touchpad by itself is not a mobile unit, due to the fact it only relies on WiFi as a connection to the web. But HP promises touchpad can synchronize to the unit centered smartphone WebOS.

Speaking of smartphones, at the identical time HP also launched two new smartphones based WebOS, namely HP Pre3 and Veer. Pre3 is a smartphone for the business segment that offers 3.58 inches and a physical keyboard. Even though Palm's Veer is a very small system the size of the hand with a handful nevertheless has a physical keyboard.

WebOS running system edition of this tablet is equipped with capabilities like a notification technique that can emerge out of the blue from the top rated of the display, multitasking programs "desk", a QWERTY keypad on the screen that is quickly managed, and the newest functions "touch-to-reveal" that permits consumers Internet pages to reveal with fellow customers rapidly webOS smartphone that had been found shut jointly.

But you should be patient if you want to try out out HP's touchpad. This system reportedly will show up at this summertime.

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