3 Ways to Greet Someone

By: Markus Smith | Posted: 10th June 2011

Entering a room or building can inspire many feelings. If you are going to an interview for instance, you might be filled with nerves. If you are going to a party, you'll probably be filled with excitement. If it's your first day of school, you'll likely be filled with expectations. People understand those feelings and look to enhance them when designing or decorating an entranceway.

The job interview:

It's no secret why professional institutions put a lot of money and effort into designing their lobbies. It is the place where prospective clients, associates and employees wait. High ceilings, beautiful artwork, comfortable couches and a well-trained receptionist are all part of the package. Those coming for an interview would have to be a fool to miss these things. When entering the building of a big, expensive corporation, one immediately feels like they are amongst great minds, profitable clients and looked after employees. Small companies without such budgets or amenities would still be well advised to keep a clean office, create a waiting space (even if it's right next to someone's desk) and offer tea or coffee to visitors.

The party:

The host of a party is likely to have decorated the front of a party venue indicating in some way that you have arrived. It might be balloons, it might be a big sign on the door it might midgets holding a tray of champagne glasses, whatever it may be it sets the mood for what's to come. The midgets with champagne would be appropriate for a burlesque party involving costumes and cocktails. The balloons appropriate for a birthday barbeque for a little kid. The sign indicating that you have a arrived at a Hawaiian luau for your friend's hen do. All of the excitement that went into planning your outfit, getting your gift and freeing up your evening is all coming out at this precise moment.

The first day of school:

We've all had a first day before. When you're young, you might fear leaving your mother for the first time. In that case a school would be well advised to set up some sort of welcoming station, filled with toys and smiling people to make children feel like they are in good hands. Those starting university are likely to be greeted with activity and club sign-up boards that might help ease the nerves associated with such a new beginning.

In knowing how much an entrance can enhance a person's existing mood, people should do what they can to make people feel welcome. This could range from a smiling teacher to smiling receptionist, a door greeter or even a canopy on the front door of one's home.


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