Canvas Prints To Last Lifetimes

By: Sachin Kumar Airan | Posted: 03rd June 2011

Many people want their photos to last forever. With a regular digital print on paper, this will never happen. This is why so many people have started to turn to canvas prints. By printing your photo on canvas, you can have a portrait or a photo of anything that you like that will last you several lifetimes. You can pass them down to children and family members so that they will be able to also enjoy these beautiful photographs and memories now preserved forever on canvas. These canvas prints are just like a painting, however, it is your photo or picture that you took on a piece of canvas that will last much longer than a piece of glossy paper that a company will print your photo on.

One of the most common questions people ask about their photo on canvas is what size will it be. There are a multitude of sizes that you can have a photo printed on. There is, however, a minimum and maximum size. The smallest size canvas print that you can get is 8x8. This is because there has to be enough room to make the photo pixels show up within the small threads that make up the piece of canvas. The largest size canvas that you can get is 48x64. This is the largest size that a digital photo can be blown up without distorting the image.

And just like any photo that you can order from your local photo booth, you can have a photo on canvas enhanced in the same ways. If you would like a border added to your photo, for an additional charge, you can have it done. If you would like your canvas photo in black and white, sepia or full color than this is possible as well. You can even add text to your photo as well as making it look like a large oil painting or a master painting. There are even canvas options so that you can choose to frame your photo or hang it like a gallery style canvas as it is. If you have a photo that is not the best quality but would still like to see it on canvas, send it in and an artist can look it over and fix the photo to the best of their ability. If for some reason the photo is beyond repair, then you will be contacted. If edits are able to be made to your photo, you will be contacted for approval of all corrections before your canvas print is started.

Because canvas is made of a thick porous threaded material, it will last much longer than a standard photo on paper. It can be washed carefully if need be and every photo has simple enhancements such as red eye removal, basic color balancing and sharpening the contrast so that the subject of your photo really stands out. Canvas is also less likely to fade over time in the sunlight than a regular photo is likely to do. When you send in your photo to have a photo on canvas print made, you will get your photo back. It is very important to the company that all of the customer's property is taken care of to the very best ability.
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