Kids Pride A Best Play School In Rohini

By: OSA Webmaster Nine | Posted: 01st June 2011

Kidís Pride is a play school located in Rohini. The age group of the children, who come to the school, is from 2 to 3. The timings of the school are from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The method of instruction used at the school is Play-way. The student-teacher ratio at the school is 10:1. The school provides pick-up and drop facility. The school does not provide any crŤche facility. The school has an outdoor Play Area, where the students can take part in various sports. The school has air-conditioned classes.

The play school was established with a vision of providing quality education to its students. The school is dedicated to provide world-class educational facilities to its students. The school provides education to the play group section. The school aims at the complete development of the children. The kids are encouraged to take part in various co-curricular activities such as music, dance, arts and sports. The campus of the school is well-equipped with modern infrastructural facilities such as spacious ventilated class rooms. The school has the latest teaching aids.

Play Schools provide the children an opportunity to socialize with other children. The child gets used to the concept of classroom in an informal manner. This makes his transition into school much more easier. Here the child learns to interact with numerous children at a young age. There are many social benefits of sending your child to a playschool. If your child is shy then after coming to Kidís Pride Play School, the child will automatically transform into a confident person. The child will find other ways to socialize.

After coming to the playschool, the child comes into an academic routine. Here learning is combined with fun. Through activities the children learn. There are educational toys at the school that help the child learn about his surroundings and the world. The child learns to communicate with other children. The child learns to adjust outside his home.

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