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By: | Posted: 26th May 2011

Crea clip is a different and uncommon product that gives a trained result to your cutting hair.It is able to clean your smash, to cut your children’s hair and even your own hair speedly and without any difficulty. I cut my own bangs through my self. Now I am pretty good and used to this product but in the starting,I am talking about my school days (probably back in high school), I have made some blunder of severing my hair too short, unequal and rough etc. It was really unhappy with this act.

I just thought that it was actually a waste of time to just go to salon to cut my bangs. So when I saw this product first time on the internet , I was so excited than ever before to give this product a try at least once. It works like a magic!
First of all you have to clip the CreaClip on your hair and then move smoothly to desired strength. Then, you just cut together with the guide with a scissor. It cuts balanced and trained looking cut!

“The CreaClip can save you and your entire family to spend hundreds of dollars and hours in a salon per year. When you cut your hair at home with the CreaClip, in this way you are saving your money or spending pennies for per cut, without taking any problem of traveling and waiting. It’s also a best option for people who are facing some physical problem and not able to go to a salon, if you have to cut a lot of children’s hair, if you need a little clean cut or wants a maintenance between cuts, or if you have discovered a new hair style and want to apply on your own hair.

To maintain a hair cut: “Hairs breed out and need to be trimmed every 3 weeks in a month. This is simple and nothing will have to be done, you don’t need to think on the high level. You just need to concentrate on moving the clip down and adjust in your hair that you want to cut. leave 1/2 inch of hair longer in a lower place of the clip. Take a little time in each sliding so that crea clip could be adjust in you hair and each time you couldn’t mess up. You can use the already existing bangs as a guide.

You can use it on wet hair also but it is advised to cut on dry hair so that you could get better result.The pack comes in different sizes such as one in small and another in longer size. The small one can be used for bangs and for shorter hair while the longer version can be used for longer hair and wraping style.

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