Time to Opt - International News Headlines Or Self

By: Nikita Verma | Posted: 26th May 2011

Nothing in life seems easy. Is that what many of us feel always? How about changing attitude for a while? Letís see the world from a different colored glass. Let us think of wild adventure we secretly pray for. Let us seek a route to un-ventured places. Let us take wet clay in our hands and assume us as Creator. It still is a dream but this dream feels good to write. It feels good to get to its imperceptible base. Live in a real world get difficult with such imaginations. So we shut them away. We get ourselves in to International news headlines or World sports news. We prefer an economic survey to the doors of uncertainty. We donít want to go on ďroad not takenĒ as quoted by Robert Frost (famous poet of all time) even though we like to.

In this age of diminishing virtual boundaries of nations and cultures, we are free to express our views on any issue we like. We get instant International News headlines like the instant coffee we prefer. We discuss them on Internet platforms. We express our sorrow on bad occasions and show our joy on good ones. We are quite responsive in taking part of Economic Survey and then read its analysis in later issue. We act so seriously that it becomes us. Expression of freedom is so much restricted in its difficult-to-define way so we step back. Arenít we lying to ourselves? Or just we didnít realize it?

This talk of what-we-want and what-we-actually-dream couldnít take us anywhere. We can reach somewhere only if we actually take steps towards our destination. We only define our destinations. Journey takes all the energy and determination. Determine to look beyond just world sports news. Everything becomes insignificant in this wake. The matter is not easy to deal with but holds importance as a life-defining quest. It is more than any awareness of the world.

Groping for inner self in International News Headlines is not justified. Economy is just the outer representation of inner lure of something better. Only we tend to stop just at the monetary part of it. This is why we take economic survey very seriously. We are trying to take short cut of success. Example would be much better if we consider quest to success. Sometimes it is felt that we take everything seriously except ourselves. Why our quest had amuses us more than world sports news. Answers are not easy but raising these questions is even more difficult. It is time to look for their answers not to run away from them.

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