Painless Bikini Waxing 101

By: justinecricks | Posted: 23rd May 2011

Women, most especially during the summer season, are generally obsessed and psyched about fitting into their skimpy swimsuits. One of the main concerns aside from love handles and uneven skin tone is the polishing of skin in terms of unwanted hair in several areas. Of course, everybody would prefer having a cleaned or shaved skin free from unwanted hair.

Having undesirable hair is very common. It is a physical aspect that almost everybody is experiencing come adolescence stage. From armpits, face, arms, legs, bikini line, and stomach, we are certain that we would want to get rid of it. Others resort to plucking or shaving right after a bath. But for those who are privileged enough, spas and salons nowadays are offering waxing services. One of the most in demand among them is bikini waxing.

For women who can pull out the tabs, the easiest way to look cleaned up and polished is through waxing services. Now, how does the traditional home plucking and shaving differs from the high-end waxing offered by the salons? Nowadays, salon uses numbing creams in order to lessen or eradicate the pain of the abrupt removal of hair.

Numbing creams are applied onto the skin to be waxed, and after several minutes, strips of cloth will be placed on top of the skin applied with numbing wax. In a rapid and abrupt manner, this cloth will be pulled out, leaving the skin smooth, hairless and one can see the removed hair stuck with the cloth. This pretty much sums up the process of painless bikini waxing.

Nowadays, waxing does not rest inside the confines of the spa center. Most markets are offering painless bikini waxing packages for home use. However, one could make sure that it is done the right way if conducted by a salon employee who is trained to do so.

Waxing, just like any beauty regimen, would require some steps for it to be fully achieved. First, make sure that the area you would want to wax is clean so that you will be free from any irritation. Second, after waxing apply some moisturizer to soften the waxed area. Lastly, try to wear loose clothes after your painless hair removal procedure so that your skin will have the time to breathe out.
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