Exactly why is Coral Propagation Important

By: Bince | Posted: 23rd May 2011

Coral are marine organisms in class of Anthozoa that is often living in compact colonies of identical polyps. They secrete calcium carbonate, which is a common substance within rocks, to create a hard skeleton.

Propagation is a form of reproduction achieved by splitting the coral reefs into a number of pieces.

Coral propagation is significant because it's an excellent way in preservation of Wild Life. Slicing the coral reefs in fragments is a way to encourage growth for a new nest. It is very important to the sustainability of wit the saltwater reef aquarium hobby. Propagated coral is both helpful and beneficial to aquarists mainly because it serves as a home for their fish and it can be also an easy way for them to make extra money.

Some hobbyist made a small enterprise for this species. Many of them put a specific sort of coral to be sold at Amazon which is a place to make an online purchase, the place to market, and a place to shop.

It is also essential to propagate corals since it is much more suitable for oneís aquarium than the wild collected ones. One advantage of acquiring propagated corals in the fish tank is really because it's lesser possibility of having parasitic organisms and disorders. Pests like acropora eating flat worms, red flat worms, sundial snails, aiptasia anemone, asterina starfish, fireworms, gorilla club and more are usually found in the wild gathered corals and you simply donít wish to have those in your own aquarium tank.

Also, it is important to propagate corals if you do not wish to go to the ocean only to pick one up and return it home which could cost a lot of cash and effort. This is also beneficial because sometimes if other hobbyist sees your propagated corals, they might prefer to trade it for something you donít have.

Coral propagation is the best way to protect corals and also recreate them. But it is up to the person if they might like to do it, once they unsuccessfully done it then it will only be a waste of both time and energy, however, if he is successful, it's really a rewarding experience.

In fragging coral reefs, there are things that you will need to consider before deciding to propagate it corals. Listed below are the discussions for you to select the best coral to reproduce it.
1. Pick only fully developed and healthy corals to be propagated.
2. By reducing the reproduction of corals to one of each kind, it may decrease the chance of your reefs from cross-contaminating other corals through mucus production.
3. If you have more aquariums, the system or the water conditions of your freshly propagated corals must be the same as the parentís colony. Because, it would minimize stress and also increases possibilities of recovery of your coral.

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