Combination Ladders

By: Henry James | Posted: 19th May 2011

Need a step up on site from time to time?

Try a set of combination ladders. They’re handy accessories to have around.

As the name suggests, combination ladders offer you the best of both worlds, especially if they are telescopic ladders. If you have a supporting wall to prop the ladders against that’s fine, then again, the combination ladders are just as functional when used as stand-alone equipment making them extremely versatile whilst out on site. Modern versions are sturdy but lightweight making it much easier for site workers to carry the combination ladders around the site. Chuck a set of combination ladders onto the roof of your van and they’re ready to go to numerous sites. Rugged, reliable and tested to the highest of standards, combination ladders won’t let your down when you need a step up for work purposes.

Check out the latest telescopic versions of combination ladders

Whatever your trade, wherever you need to work, telescopic ranges of combination ladders will make life easier for you. Designed to eliminate the awkwardness of transporting ladders around different locations, telescopic ladders fold away into a compact position. The reduction in height helps the combination ladders to be more portable and non-conductive versions are able to withstand 30 kV voltages making them safe to use by electricians. If you are looking for a versatile set of ladders to use for a variety of everyday tasks, combination ladders are the ideal equipment to choose. Pick up a set for work, or buy a set of combination ladders for the home, you’ll find them extremely handy for all those DIY tasks.

Keep your combination ladders handy

You can rely on them for all sorts of domestic chores. Compact enough to easily stow away in a handy hidey hole, telescopic ladders can be fully extended when required to reach those hard to access areas. How many times have you fiddled and fumbled with your rickety old ladders at home as you tried to clean the windows? Make sure you’re safe in the future using a sturdy set of combination ladders; they provide you with a sure footing for all of your domestic chores. If you need to change a light bulb in your hallway or want to paint the ceiling in the lounge, a set of combination ladders make the job less of a chore. Keep your combination ladders handy, you never know when their services will be required. can provide a variety of combination ladders and telescopic ladders , which have been tested to the highest standards and are provided for any job you require.
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