Mix music-how to find the best equipment

By: LOVE FLAVA | Posted: 19th May 2011

I don’t know if you are like me. I am just a person who loves to be in club enjoying what the djs’ offers for the weekend. A club is where I get to make friends within thirty minutes. A club is where I get to release off my anger, frustrations and enjoy what the music power gives in. But I have also discovered that it’s not one time or twice when I have this’ it think I can do better than this dj.’ I don’t know if you have ever been in such a situation. The best known djs’ who mix music and the crowd are firing up are those that turn o be lucrative pastime. The good thing with this profession is that most of those djs’ have other thing to attend to during the day and will resume their loved talent only for the night hours.

One determinant of how best a certain dj is the instruments which he uses. No matter how a dj may be good in mixing music, as long as the instruments are not initializing with the same, then be sure the crowd will lower that dj-no matter what. Even if most of the dj equipment are expensive to buy, ensure that you buy one instrument at a time. This will accommodate you time to budget yourself slowly. Ensure that you have quality mixing system that no other neighboring dj can afford. Wirth that only, you of course gain some skills ahead of your competing djs’. The unfortunate thing is that most of these djs’ can afford to stand for the quality. They usually compromise on quality for the sake of price and thus they buy a ‘set’ of instruments which are worth nothing.

When the dj wants to mix music for kick back, you here note surprising or enticing to your eras. This makes most of the crowd become bored few minutes after entering club where they thought they would have a great time to release their anger, tiredness and the like issues, buy you realize that you will end up having more of what you were avoiding by the time you are out of the club, simply because someone didn’t let time to have what is required to carry out his profession seriously. Am not saying that it is a must you buy expensive dj equipments for the sake of a good music mixing. But it makes sense that most of the djs’ who have a reputation, if you check their equipments; it tells you all of what we are talking about.

Portability: as much as we have talks of price, the second thing you need to evaluate is the nature of your services. If you are one of the djs’ who are called from one place to the other; today you are here and in the next twenty eight hours you are having a function at some twenty five kilometers from where you performed last, then you need to consider the portability of your equipments. To help you with this, you can speak to your fellow djs’ and try to learn how that can be possible and how they move their machines when they have these functions. With that, when you are buying the machines, you will have an idea to tell the seller of the machines which are easily portable and which will ensure that no matter where you are, you can mix music awesomely.

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