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Reading is an integral part of our lives. As children we read to develop a variety of skills from language, creative thinking, and to learn about the people and cultures in the world around us. As adults reading to children is a fantastic bonding experience, and a great way to encourage social interaction, expression and creativity. Childhood development books continue the learning experience as adults, with a goal to give back to our children, and offer them a new outlook on traditional ideas. The latest childhood development books take games and activities that have been played for decades, and tweak them to appeal to children based on their developmental stage. The stages of development: cognitive, language, social, emotional and physical can all be stimulated with just the right activity for any particular level.

Children Learn Through Play

The consultants and childhood educators, Lifelong Learn recognize that children learn most efficiently through play. The founder of the company, Ingrid Crowther has written and released books for adults to teach the benefits of learning through play, and to provide ideas and inspiration, to create a productive learning experience through games and activities.

Playing is a natural approach to learning. Any teacher or parent knows that children love to play, and by taking advantage of their energy and enthusiasm, they have the ability to absorb lessons in a way that is not boring or difficult for them to understand. Through touching, manipulating, exploring and testing, children discover the world around them. Learning through play is a way for children to interact with others, experience teamwork and learn about sharing early in their academic career.

Through playing, children imitate adults, and develop passions early in their years for future careers. By pretending to be a police officer, firefighter and astronaut they are not only exercising their imagination but sparking interest and enthusiasm for the roles of the adults around them. Learning through play can be taught based on current research in childhood development and effective learning processes.

Books on Learning at Play for Parents and Teachers

Parents and teachers can gain a lot of information from childhood development books. Lifelong Learn sells, "The Power of Play" in their online bookstore. This resourceful book focuses on the importance of cognitive and social play, and different developmental levels of play. "The Power of Play" features full colour illustrations and brief explanatory scenarios. The book uses simple terminology, and has a glossary and appendices of ages and stages of the development of play. It includes a CD of photographs of levels of play. This book is excellent for parents and teachers alike, to discover new ideas for activities, and to learn more about combining the latest psychological research in childhood development with recreation. By using this modern approach to incorporate learning into playtime, children have fun, effective and rewarding learning experiences.

Lifelong Learn provide books for children and adults, publications and the latest research on childhood development. For more information visit, Lifelonglearn.

Lifelong Learn, lead by expert childcare educator, Dr. Ingrid Crowther specializes in early childhood education by providing consulting services, custom workshops, adult and teacher education. Lifelong Learn also provides education texts and publications for various childhood education stages. For more information, please visit
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