Theater Stage Lighting - An Intro to Theater Lighting Equipment

By: Satya Narayan | Posted: 17th May 2011

Theater stage lighting can produce a wide range of effects, from practical to artistic. Technicians use theater stage lighting instruments to illuminate stage productions, concerts, live performances, TV studios, sound stages and more. Overall, theater lighting equipment falls into two main categories: floodlights and spotlights—each type includes a range of lighting instruments.

Floodlights illuminate wide areas with diffused light, while spotlights produce a more focused, narrower beam on a subject. PAR lights (parabolic aluminized reflector lights), strip lights, scoop lights and LED (light emitting diode) stage lights fall under the “floodlight” category.

Spotlights include any type of theater lighting equipment that produces a focused beam of light. Types include Fresnels and ellipsoidal reflector spotlights.

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