Customers Love Numbers That Cost Nothing To Call

By: JamesK | Posted: 17th May 2011

Dialling 1800 numbers cost nothing to your customers. That's right, there is no charge whatsoever. This is why any business that utilises this will see an increase in customer response to their product or service by as much as 30 to 60 per cent and generate twice as many calls than a regular phone number. In order to get customers to remember your number, you can also have a word or phrase that corresponds to your business.

Free Calls

In today's competitive arena, the customer is always king. For any business to survive, you have to take care of your clients' needs. Since there is no cost when dialling this number, new and existing clients will be able to reach you without getting charged with a long distance call. This is considered a free call from any fixed landline in Australia. However, if your customers are calling from a mobile phone, the appropriate charges will be determined by their mobile service provider.

1800 numbers are all the rage these days and Australians love calling businesses that have them. Studies have shown that 84 per cent of current internet users rely heavily on information to make purchases. With an 1800 number prominently displayed on your website or online advertisement, businesses have greatly improved the response rate to their products and service.

Phone Words

Known as a phone word or vanity number, this can help customers recall the product or service that you are selling. For example, a person driving on the highway won't be able to recall a number like 1800 69 7746837 but they won't easily forget 1800 MY PRINTER. Aside from being easy to remember, your company can save on repetitive marketing campaigns and avoid focusing on areas with lacklustre response rates.

It can be fun to try and come up with a phone word that is ideal for your business. In most cases it is a 6 letter word or 2 words, however you can now use longer words. It just means that the last few letters of the word are not recognised by the phone. Eg for 1800 MY PRINTER, the phone only recognises 1800 MY PRIN, but either way you remember the number and can dial it. Since calls made to a 1800 number cost nothing, customers seem to be less hesitant to call.


James Knight has a marketing background and writes useful information for businesses. To find out more about 1800 Numbers Cost to your business, visit Flash Numbers for lists of double and triple digit easy to remember 1800 numbers and phone words
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