How To Increase The Chance Your Press Release Will Get Noticed

By: Web Chef | Posted: 16th May 2011

Ever since the newspaper was created businesses have been using them to get their message out. News organizations are always in need of content and they use press releases to supplement their existing content and to avoid having blank spaces. Media outlets receive hundreds, if not thousands, of press releases every year. Most of them get filed away and are never used.

Those were the days when all you needed to do was fax your release to the local editor. An effective, yet simple process. Today, you can have your press release distributed to hundreds of media outlets almost instantly. The reality is, it is nearly impossible get your press released noticed with all of the releases competing for press coverage.

The “old” way of doing things still works. It is a very simple process to discover who your local newspaper reporters are and simply email the release to him or her. But, you still have one major challenge. How do you get your press release noticed?

In order to get the most out of a press release you have to get real. Nobody wants to know how great your business is. If you plan to beat the odds you need to make sure your release is both newsworthy and of human interest.

In order for your release to be considered newsworthy, you need to convey the importance to the audience of the information that you are releasing. There must also be human interest. In other words, you need to show how your release will benefit the audience. A good example is, ABC Restaurant Provides 50% Discount For Seniors. Another example, ABC Toys Announces Grand Opening With Toys For Tots Drive. These example headlines are exciting, newsworthy and of human interest.

Also, timing is important. All newspapers have deadlines. Content is pulled days or sometimes weeks in advance. You need to give them plenty of lead time. A good rule of thumb is to send your press release out at least four weeks prior to the scheduled release date. Finally, another tip is to follow-up to make sure they received the press release. This small step can be a giant leap toward keeping your release fresh on the editor’s mind. Yes, this does take a some work on your part. There are also some very good paid press release services that will submit your press release to media outlets. A little creativity goes a long way towards having your press release published.

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