Choosing the Right Kind of Ice Maker

By: janesmith01 | Posted: 16th May 2011

Ice makers are great appliances for that keep ice on hand at all times, no matter what the weather or situation. Ice makers save the hassle of filling and dumping ice trays constantly, the annoyance of spilling water on the floor while you refill your ice cube supply, and they help you keep your beverages cold and frosty any time of night or day.
Many people are aware of the ice makers that are built into the front of refrigerator/freezer units. But did you know there are other types of ice makers available to fit the needs of various situations? Well, you've come to the right place to find out about them. Read on my friend!
There are three basic types of ice makers: built-in ice makers that are installed into your refrigerator/freezer unit, freestanding ice makers, and portable ice makers. Let's learn a little about each of them.
The most common of the household ice makers available are the built-in fridge/freezer units. These provide plenty of ice for most home needs, making approximately 5-9 trays of ice per day. The ice dispenser is often conveniently accessible through the outside of the freezer door and offers chilled water and crushed ice as well as regular ice cubes. Refrigerators with a freezer drawer on the bottom have ice makers that dump the ice into a convenient bin in the drawer which you can scoop out easily. Both types of ice makers are useful and sufficient for the needs of most families.
Freestanding ice makers are larger self-cooling machines which produce ice in large quantities of 50 pounds per day. Everyone knows that freestanding ice makers are great choices for hotels and restaurants, but did you know that you can purchase a freestanding ice maker for your home as well? Freestanding household ice makers produce approximately 25 lbs of ice per day and can be built-in under a countertop or stand independently in your kitchen. These units are ideal for large families and small businesses that want to provide chilled ice in large quantities on a regular basis.
Another convenient option is to purchase a portable ice maker. These small and convenient units produce ice to chill your drinks anywhere that has access to a standard electrical outlet. Simply add water, plug it in, and you'll have ice ready to go in less than an hour. These handy ice makers can produce a surprising 29 pounds of ice per day and usually feature an insulated storage compartment to keep the produced ice cold for several hours. So, if you often find yourself at sporting events or large picnics where you need to keep beverages cold all day, you'll probably want to consider looking at portable ice makers before next summer.
Now that you know a little about the basic machines available in the chilly world of ice makers, you are more prepared to make a good decision the next time your ice needs outgrow your ice production. So sit back, relax, and enjoy sipping a nice ice-cold drink, confident that you will never have to drink a lukewarm glass of water again!
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